A Breathless Hunt Against The Backdrop of Current Events and Historical Facts

1992. In the underground archives of the KGB, agent Alexei Soloviev discovers by chance a secret testament of Adolf Hitler seized in his bunker by the Red Army
Thirty years later, unusual disturbances in Islamist circles connected with neo-Nazi organizations lead the young Intelligence Services analyst, Melanie Carson, to infiltrate a group of white supremacists in Pennsylvania.
A discovery as terrifying as it is unexpected will lead her into a dangerous adventure with her new companion, Jeff Cartright.

Would the Nazi expeditions to Tibet in the 1930's have enabled Himmler to find the original text of the Karma of Kalachakra, an esoteric work attributed to the Buddha himself, which allows the followers of Dalai Lama's to find the reincarnation of their leader? Could neo-Nazis, whose rallying sign is the number “88” – an 8 for each “H” in “Heil Hitler” – have succeeded in taking control of several terrorist organizations, with the common objective of upsetting the world order and perhaps resurrecting the Third Reich?

From Washington to Pennsylvania, from Boston to Moscow, from Eastern Germany to Banda Aceh and the suffocating jungles of Sumatra, The Third Testament takes the reader on a breathtaking adventure where reality often surpasses fiction.


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