When it comes to marriage, it's the words between “I do,” and “until death do us part,” that destroys us.

“In this moving family saga—set during the world-shattering impact of a global pandemic—two marriages and four people destined for greatness will falter and no one will be left unscathed in their pursuit to find a love of their own.”

Newlyweds, Lorenzo and Elizabeth Richardson stand at the precipice of seeing their dreams become a reality. The enigmatic orator from Chicago is poised to change lives with his plan to build an inner-city ministry, while his brilliant new bride has her sights set on the hallowed halls of Congress. But behind what looks like a blessed life lurks a life-long secret—one that tests their perfect union, and pushes one of them to do the unthinkable.

Congressman Anderson Banks and his adoring wife Tabitha are emerging Beltway royalty. The interracial movers and shakers bask in the glow of D.C. politics, but behind the scenes, a truth buried from the world, seeks to be revealed and threatens to shatter their perfectly crafted façade and destroy any hope for a presidential run.

Follow these seemingly perfect couples as they play their roles publicly but privately buckle under the unrelenting pressure, long-held secrets, complicated realities, political influence, societal expectations, and the economic and social fallout from a global pandemic.

Divorcing Atlanta powerfully exposes the raw emotions brought to life by the excruciating pain of divorce and the strain of trying to lead a real life in—and out of the limelight. This moving and timely accounts will resonate with readers who believe in redemption, choose love and hope over hate and fear, and fight for what truly matters in life.

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