Sean Martin the son of a mother who was diagnosed with cancer and a father who passed in war, is left orphaned with two younger siblings that need him. At only nineteen years old he should be in college experiencing life with his friends; he had lost that all when he broke his leg during a track meet.He has no future prospects in front of him when he has to begin caring for Leon and Alicia, but all goes wrong when he can no longer pay for their apartment. It is only when he hands his siblings over to his aunt that he can really begin to learn about life and what he needs to do for himself and the people he cares about most.

Living in a part of town with lots of poverty he quickly experiences spending time with those that have to earn money in any way possible – from sex work to drugs and to stealing he meets many people involved and he himself does things that he had never thought he would get involved in.This is a story of a young man finding himself in a world that has taken so much from him.


Read online Don't Leave Me Damaged by Danté Vereen