A Post Covid Response to Business Practices: Winning in the Short Term by thinking in the Long Term

A personal message from the author:

Making Waves was written in the hope that the business world of my grandchildren will be better than the world I worked through.

The book is about Mave-Makers – people who are changing the world with a better view of how businesses can and should be run. People like Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia, Dan Price of Gravity Payments, Prof Klaus Fischer of Fischerwerke GmbH and John Mackay of Whole Foods.

It looks at the outdated concept of having virtues in business, in putting people first. Why have we lost this thinking? With these WaveMakers in mind, we can be confident that better ways are not only possible but achievable. There is no choice between being profitable or being caring. The two go together.

I hope the book will show this can work, and begin to show how it can be done.

— Kim Boland

A company which paid its staff their full salary through Covid. Another which had no lay-offs. These are run by people who are WaveMakers. We will meet them in this book.

Eighty per cent of people who worked from home over Covid do not want to return to their old ways. Many companies laid people off,  others treated some people very badly. People have realised their old life styles were not fulfilling and want a change. Where does that change start?

  • Why are we where we are?
  • What do you think of the short-term thinking of companies which change direction at the first sign of problems ahead?
  • Is the main objective of companies to make profits, or are there others?

This book is about “Wave-Makers”, people who are changing the world by creating better places to work.

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