A Kerrigan Survival Saga Book 1

Echoes of the Dark Sun: A Kerrigan's Quest is a gripping tale of a family's unyielding resilience and hope in a post-EMP apocalyptic world, battling scarcity, anarchy, and violence, their journey a testament to human spirit in the face of terrifying adversity.

A Desperate Battle for Survival in a World Plunged into Darkness

Echoes of the Dark Sun is the first installment in the “Dark Skies: A Kerrigan Survival Saga.” It sets the stage for a post-apocalyptic world brought to its knees by an EMP attack. In this world devoid of electronics, law, and order, the Kerrigan family finds themselves thrust into a desperate battle for survival.

John Kerrigan, an ex-Navy SEAL, uses his training and instincts to keep his family safe in the face of dire circumstances. His wife, Lisa, provides the emotional strength, their daughter, Emily, embodies resilience, and their son, Max, the spirit of hope. Together, they navigate through the initial days of the EMP aftermath, facing challenges like scarce food, dwindling water supplies, a neighborhood sliding into anarchy, and the relentless threat of violence.

As the neighborhood descends into chaos, the Kerrigan's find themselves locked in a deadly struggle to secure their home and resources. The family endures heartbreaking losses and unimaginable choices, each event shaping their journey and testing their resolve.

Echoes of the Dark Sun more than a story of survival. It's a testament to the power of family, resilience, and hope in the face of overwhelming adversity. It leaves readers on the edge of their seats, eager to follow the Kerrigan's on their harrowing journey through the dark skies of their new reality.

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