100 Facts about this rare delicacy and what every connoisseur should know

The Caviar Savant is the book for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in the rare delicacy of the caviar mystic. The 100 Facts is more than a list book that Connoisseurs and novices will find delves into many facets of the “Caviar” realm. Global markets for luxury foods, etiquette, varieties, author Penny D. Nichols takes us through the journey from the history of sturgeon to the royal courts of Europe and on to the American Dream.

Caviar in pop culture and entertaining today in many different cultures is explained. From the importance of the critical endangerment of its source fish to the habitat degradation and even into the dark world of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Know the role caviar plays and its geopolitical significance.

Oh yes, there are recipes and chic and trendy restaurants selling this exquisite indulgence are listed. Host yourself or make that bucket list reservation – it's all part of the enjoyment which is Caviar.

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