The Foundations for Change

Whether we are dealing with a disagreeable person, spouse, child, team member or difficult client or simply saying “NO” we attempt or avoid difficult conversations every day. Learn a strategic and purposeful way to communicate with others that will influence your relationships forever. Our interest is in helping you learn to connect and disconnect more effectively and collaboratively.

Each chapter in this workbook is designed to layout a step by step process to learning and applying basic effective communication skills. You'll gain practical tools for analyzing situations and you will participate and be coached throughout the eight chapters in this book. Learn how to:

  • Establish immediate rapport
  • Initiate change
  • Facilitate change
  • Reduce stress
  • Rebuild trust
  • Diagnose and resolve internal conflict
  • Deal with conflict effectively and efficiently
  • Handle difficult situations
  • Build a collaborative model
  • Reduce misunderstandings and miscommunications

About Author

John Nielsen is the founder and director of the Communication Skills Training and Development Center in Hayward, Ca. He is a licensed experienced mediator and coach as well as having been an ordained pastor for 23 years at Community of Grace Church also located in Hayward, CA. John is a recovered alcoholic and drug addict and he has been drug and alcohol free for 35 years. Before John’s recovery and spiritual journey, which started in 1987, he was a successful businessman having built a multi million dollar business which he sold in 1984 (Through John’s life experience he has touched thousands of lives with the hope of grace and restoration). For over 25 years John has been equipping business owners, teams and leaders in the art of communication, collaboration and conflict resolution.

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