In what ways could I lower my ego?

First we should answer a following question:

What is Ego?

Ego is an important part of ourselves, but it symbolizes only our half part. Our other part is how Freud called is the Id or I like more the phrase our Inner Self (some others call it Soul). The Ego focuses on the phisical world, that is why others opinion is so important to him or her. Let me show some important differences between the two part of us:
Ego vs Inner Self
Care about myself – Care about others
Focuses on external world – Experiance the world as whole
Materialis – Spiritualism
Past of Future orientated – Now orientated
Simple pleasures – Self expression
Will – Desire
Measures – Accepts
Recharges from others attention – Recharges from beauty
Expectations – Giving
Own,Let go

Is Ego bad? Seems like

No. Ego is an important part of us, he helps to focus on things in everdays, it helps to experience the depth of situations in our life. Without Ego we would never enjoy football, shopping, winning against each other.

What should I do?

Find the balance between your two parts. Do not try to put barriers in front of them. However it is true, that the Ego part receives much more focus nowadays, but that means only that we should discover more of our Inner part.

It is simple, next time when you are in the nature, just take some minutes 15-30 and walk a little bit alone, where only the nature is with you. Try to forget your everyday thoughts and exemine the nature, the grass, the trees. Sit down if you are tired, and let everything go, your doubts, your past, your future, just smell the freshness of the air.

Where you experience nothing but what is around you, that is where your Inner Self begins. Go and play!