The pages of MrBeast's book may be few, but the ideas and inspirations they hold are limitless, encouraging us to think big and dream even bigger.

YouTuber MrBeast is known for his creative and generous acts of kindness. He has given away tens of thousands of dollars to strangers, paid off people's mortgages and medical bills, and even donated $10,000 to a student's college fund.

Who Is MrBeast?

Born in 1998, Jimmy Donaldson ‘MrBeast' is a popular YouTuber who is known for his creative and often outrageous videos. He has a large following (103,000,000+ on Youtube) of young viewers who enjoy his content.

Born in North Carolina, MrBeast started his YouTube channel in 2012 when he was just a teenager (check his first video). He quickly gained popularity for his humorous videos and creative pranks. The real turning point was when he started creating giveaway videos, where he literally gave first (several) dollars to homeless or random people. This happened in 2017, MrBeast began to focus more on philanthropy. He has given away millions of dollars to random people in his later videos. His generosity has earned him even more fans and respect from the online community.

At just 25 years old, Jimmy Donaldson, better known by his online persona MrBeast has shown himself to be a talented content creator, amassing over 100 million YouTube subscribers. He clearly understands how to capture viewer interest and translate it into profits, with estimated earnings of $82 million last year (2023) from his various branded merchandise and sponsorships.

He does not hoard these financial spoils for himself. Jimmy is constantly dreaming up innovative ways to give back, whether through massive giveaways to fans or creative philanthropy like his #TeamSeas initiative to fund ocean cleanup. He thinks big about solving problems, much like I try to do with my foundation’s work.

While our content could not be more different, I see a kindred spirit in Jimmy. He is an ambitious visionary using his business and creative talents to make the world a little bit better. I will be excited to see what societal impacts he helps generate as his career continues to take off in the years ahead. The possibilities seem limitless for this high-energy young disruptor.

Here are some interesting facts about MrBeast:

  • Jimmy created his main YouTube channel “MrBeast6000” at the incredibly young age of 13. He was making and uploading videos as a young teen, showing his early ambition and willingness to experiment.
  • When he was 15, Jimmy persuaded his family to allow him to drop out of high school so he could focus full-time on content creation. While risky, it speaks to his self-confidence and drive even as a sophomore.
  • His videos only started gaining major traction in 2017 when Jimmy began staging outrageous stunts like reading an entire dictionary on camera or watching paint dry for an hour. His talent for turning boring concepts into entertaining content took off.
  • It is estimated that over the first 10 years or so of his YouTube career, Jimmy reinvested nearly all profits from ads and merchandise sales back into funding bigger and bolder videos. He was playing the long game.
  • In December 2021, the Giving Pledge organization announced that Jimmy became the youngest person ever to join the campaign and promise to donate the majority of his wealth to philanthropic causes.
  • Jimmy has collaborated with and inspired other top YouTube creators, showing an ability to build a brand beyond just himself. He also attracts celebrity guests from Elon Musk to Michelle Obama, reflecting the power of his cultural cachet.

What Are Some Top Books About MrBeast on Amazon?

Beast Mode, by Anas Kay (2023)

Beast Mode offers an in-depth look at MrBeast's journey from his early days in Eastern North Carolina to becoming a global YouTube sensation. The book details the struggles, determination, and strategic thinking that led to his success. It goes beyond the surface to explore the beliefs and mantras that have driven MrBeast's achievements. The story provides insights into his ability to connect with a growing audience, highlighting the challenges he faced and how he overcame them to create content that stands out on YouTube.

The power of friendship and collaboration is a key theme in MrBeast's story. The book shows how his inner circle and collaborative efforts were crucial to his journey, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of his videos, including the challenges of prank wars and other content that has captivated millions of viewers. It also touches on how philanthropy has shaped his path, emphasizing the impact of his work on the YouTube community and beyond.

Mr. Beast – Children's Story Book, by Little Believer's Library (2023)

Targeted at children aged 4 to 10, the book employs vivid illustrations and compelling narrative to impart lessons on empathy, generosity, and the significance of contributing positively to society. It encapsulates the essence of Mr. Beast's life, highlighting how he leverages his platform to make a difference in the world.

The book offers valuable insights into creating and managing a YouTube channel, tailored specifically for young aspiring content creators. It simplifies the complexities of digital content creation and channel management, making it accessible for kids. This condensed version of MrBeast's life story not only motivates children to dream big and work towards making a positive impact but also equips them with the foundational knowledge needed to venture into the digital world of content creation.

Going Viral on TikTok and YouTube: The Mr. Beast Method, by Anthony Rodriguez (2023)

This 66 pages short book is a guide to going viral on TikTok and YouTube, written by a social media expert. It provides step-by-step tips and tricks used by Mr. Beast, one of the largest YouTubers and most-watched TikTok channel. The book covers key strategies for developing a unique voice, creating engaging content, building a community, and using influencer marketing.

It also covers monetizing content, planning live streams, contests, and giveaways, and staying ahead of the competition. With practical advice and examples, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to grow their audience and achieve success on these platforms.

Do MrBeast Has a Book?

Mr. Beast has not written or published a book. Also we don't know any biography or memoir about Jimmy Donaldson.

Message to MrBeast: Our (Video) Idea

Now, it would be high time to help also on literature @MrBeast or at least create an engaging video.

There is about 1.9 million books self-published yearly (and about 300k published by traditional publishers as of 2023). The majority of self-published titles sell less than 100 copies lifetime.

  1. Publish a ‘MrBeast Book‘ (on your website or/and Amazon), as a reader I would gladly read about
    • Your most touching moments
    • Life lessons you would share with others
    • Your most dangerous situation what you got into
  2. Put the income you generate with the book into a ‘MrBeast Lit Fund
  3. Every year let random US or worldwide authors (who published at least one book in that year) apply to the fund
  4. Share your book's revenue with them in order cover certain expenses of their book publishing process, and these books will receive some extra hype thanks to your brand

Why We Think This Is a Good Idea?

  • Books still hold far the best fictional story ideas
  • It's more or less fair since everybody could apply
  • There should be a democratic and unbiased review process and certain criteria in terms of uniqueness and length that filters low quality books, but this would guarantee that writers who put real effort into their works would be honored
  • This campaign would publicize reading (and also writing) among youngsters

What Is The Problem With Today's Book Publishing Industry?

01 Traditional publishing houses don't pick books based on quality and story but based on writer

If you are a debut author, the chance of being published by traditional houses is marginal.

There is a common misconception that traditional publishing houses only publish books that are of high quality and have a great story. Traditional publishing houses make their decisions on which book will sell on the market rather than the content itself. This completely makes sense in the world of business, follower numbers, history, unique presence behind the author are all important.

This can be seen as an unfair advantage to some writers who may not have the same connections or resources as others. It can also be difficult for new or unknown writers to get their foot in the door of traditional publishing houses.

At the end of the day what will happens with the gems💎? Written by unknown introvert authors, who simply never will have the chance to make their life work public for everyone.

02 Famous authors couldn't even produce 2-3 books per year

If you are a popular author the expectation is to write minimum one but more likely two to more books per year.

How on earth could you write truly creative stories in a length of 300 pages every half year? That definitely kills creativity. The pressure to produce new content on a regular basis can be stifling, and it's easy to fall into a rut of recycling old ideas.

As Jodi Picoult said

Everyone has a story; everyone hides his past as a means of self-preservation.

We need fresh voices! And occasionally readers are good to find some of them.

03 Habits changed, less people are reading

Is this a problem? Well in a sense no, technology constantly evolves as does entertainment.

I don't afraid of loosing readers but loosing great stories.

We can produce short movies, comics, audiobooks from books, but there should be always a writer, a unique story at the end. The way we ‘consume' story will always change no matter.

So in itself, that less people are purchasing books on Amazon isn't a big problem. But people will have much harder time to find those fresh stories, that gives everybody something.

What MrBeast did in his videos (and beyond)?

  • First he gave away $10,000 for homeless on the street
  • Helped planting 20,000,000 trees
  • Once bought everything in a store and gave away to a food bank
  • Gave a private island to his friend (he doesn't have any sofar)
  • Gave away a home for homeless
  • Cleaned a up completely a whole beach from trash
  • Cleaned up to 30,000,000 pounds of trash from the seas
  • Built  100 wells in Africa
  • He constantly gives away $10,000-10,000,000 for random people in his videos


@MrBeast if you (or your friendly staff members) reading this article please feel free to contact me. I would love to put your upcoming book to our list.

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