Eterra Book 1

Imagine humanity flourishing on a space station far above the Earth, I can, and I did. Feeling at ease comes from knowing who you are, exploring new opportunities, and being surrounded by others who share your values. As we improved our way of life through discoveries, we celebrated as a community rather than as individuals. Instead of buying, selling, or trading for what we need or want, we chose to live in a place of wonder, tranquility, and empathy.

Fortunately, I have been honored to work alongside distinguished experts dedicated to their profession. We had been living peacefully for nine years on board the ISS FUTERA. Zavia and Ben, my two closest friends and colleagues, shared my passion for expanding cures for mental deficiencies. We praised and honored each other individually and collectively. We no longer bought and sold or bartered for our necessities or desires.

We resolved to live in a place of fascination, harmony, and understanding. Utopia was what I strived to achieve. We collectively and effectively brought acts of discrimination, violence, and racism to an end. At first, I couldn’t believe or even consider that a society could flourish without the odd person thinking they were superior. Was our way of life jeopardized because an unknown armed force plotted to destroy us? Was absolute annihilation the answer? An all-out attack on our space station meant there was no place to hide. Surrendering to death or using evacuation pods would be the only options for survival. Unfortunately, during our ten-year odyssey, we’d have to submit to an AI that would irreversibly decide our fate while in hypersleep.

Be prepared to travel with my colleagues and me to a new planet called Eterra. According to recent scientific research, searching for a habitable planet may be more daunting than previously thought. It has been discovered that the ideal planetary candidate is located within a galaxy that is currently beyond our reach, posing significant challenges. However, I was unprepared for the lies and corruption I happily left behind. I found myself being manipulated and outwitted by an AI. Faced with overwhelming possibilities, I discovered I was capable of acts I fought against my entire life.

So travel with me in the vast unknown universe. Find out what perils lay before us, and never underestimate the people you think are your rivals.

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