Hell was closer than we had imagined

Life found on Jupiter, not Mars

An unmanned probe makes it through Jupiter’s stormy and turbulent outer atmosphere only to discover the planet’s surface can support life. Within minutes this is proved when the probe films its own destruction by wild alien animals.

Skilled NASA astronaut and pilot Alex Shaw is past his prime and side-lined by new technology, but when a captain is needed for a manned landing on Jupiter by an international space consortium, he is the obvious choice.

The Jupiter landing module is attacked by an alien lifeform while still in the upper atmosphere and loses all communications with the orbiting command space craft. Once landed the small crew make a startling discovery. A humanoid species is trying to exist with deadly and intelligent competing life out to destroy them.

Their declining society is matriarchal with the men forming a warrior caste. A romance begins between Alex and Seren, the Jovian general’s daughter, while fighting one last great battle for their species survival.

Can this cross-species love story continue? Can the visitors help save the Jovian society? Can the landing crew ever return to Earth?

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