Gold Edition

A personal message from the author:

I have kept an afternoon of Hansel and Gretel followed by The Three Little Pigs in my chest of treasured childhood memories. My aunt read those two to me one day, and ever since then, I
fell in love with storytelling.

With Fire Drops, I seek to recreate the magic and awe I felt as a child, to explore concepts such as tolerance and diversity, and to highlight some aspects of everyday life in my native land.

— Ricardo Castillo

All water looks the same, but no two water drops are alike. After raining down over the Dominican Republic, four tiny water drops cross paths and decide to take what might have been a simple stroll down to the river, but it quickly becomes their biggest adventure yet. They discover that some things are not always as they seem, for many dangers lurk in the shadows, and many hazards remain hidden in plain sight.

Fire Drops (Gold Edition) is beautifully illustrated with new images and contains additional material not found in the original version. The books also contains some lines in Spanish language.

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