Misadventures in Love, Life, and Roller Skating Across the French Riviera

In this true adventure bestseller, a teenager travels 800 miles on rollerskates across the French Riviera to meet his girlfriend, despite her overprotective father and a country of topless beaches between them.

From the icy peaks of Germany to the steamy beaches of France, this coming-of-age story begins when Michael, 19, gets a letter from his girlfriend asking him to meet her in Barcelona. He quits his daredevil job at the top of the German Alps and plots a risky two-month trek across the coast of southern France — alone, on roller skates. He leaves his alpine friends behind to follow his heart with only a backpack, ski poles, and roller skates.

Even being chased down impossibly steep mountain roads by tour busses and ritzy sports cars can’t keep an American teenager down, especially when he’s delivering an engagement ring… and a dark confession. It was supposed to be fun and easy, but when disaster strikes his love life and a spectacular wipeout leaves him a heartbeat away from roadkill status, Michael must emerge from his tenderfoot life and learn some difficult lessons about growing up.

Rolling over every inch of the French Riviera, European history, art history, and French culture come together in this off-the-grid, true tale of living in the moment, creating your true self, and living to write about it.

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