This book was written to help mitigate some of the confusion, anxiety and pain Professional Women endure who may be seeking to be in a lasting monogamous relationship or marriage.

By sharing my own experiences and research throughout my life, from the past 40 years, I hope to equip you with the tools and knowledge to make wiser decisions on a matter that will devastatingly affect your spirituality, your life, your moral compass, your family, as well as your finances.

By sharing my own pains of depression, suicidal thoughts, devaluation, and humiliation, I hoped to help other Professional Women be cognizant of who they allow to sit at their table and not to ignore the red flags they see and hear in their search for that perfect partner.

The Author Ina Johnson Myers currently lives in the Atlanta Metro area. She is a 24 year Retired Combat Military Veteran, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Certified Life Coach. This CEO of When She Rise, LLC operates a Coaching Academy geared toward helping professional women move pass the painful burdens of the toxic relationships that have impeded their career growth.

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