A Christian Poetry Book with 165 Poems about Navigating a Christian Life's Highs and Lows, Celebrating Joy and Overcoming Challenges by following God's Eternal Guidance

In the quiet spaces of life, where whispers of faith and echoes of divine wisdom intertwine, God always did emerges as a beacon of hope, guiding readers through a journey of spiritual awakening and heartfelt reflection. This exquisite collection of Christian poetry by Nathan delves deep into the essence of our existence, exploring themes of grace, surrender, and the unfailing presence of God in the midst of life's tumult.

Crafted with profound tenderness and a keen understanding of the human spirit, each poem serves as a stepping stone towards a deeper relationship with the Divine. From the serene embrace of solitude to the vibrant tapestry of creation, Nathan's words paint a landscape of spiritual exploration, inviting readers to embark on their own quest for understanding, healing, and unwavering faith.

God always did is more than just a collection of poems; it's a sanctuary for the soul, a place where the silent prayers of the heart are acknowledged and the subtle yet profound workings of God's love are revealed. Through vivid imagery and emotive storytelling, Nathan captures the essence of Christian faith, offering a source of comfort, inspiration, and profound insight for all who seek to find meaning in the maze of life.

Whether you're standing at the crossroads of faith, seeking solace in times of loss, or yearning to deepen your spiritual connection, this book serves as a gentle reminder of God's eternal presence and His unfathomable love for each one of us. God always did invites you to pause, reflect, and find peace in the knowledge that, in every moment of every day, God's grace surrounds us, shaping our journey in ways we might never expect but always needed.

Embark on this poetic pilgrimage, and let your heart be touched by the enduring truths that resonate through each line. God always did is not just a testament to Nathan's spiritual journey but a call to all of us to recognize the divine fingerprints in every aspect of our lives, reminding us that in every challenge, every joy, and every tear, God always did, and always will, guide us home.

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Excerpt from God Always Did© Copyright 2024 Nathan

Whispers in the Wilderness

In the hush of the wilderness, where breezes softly tread,

The murmurs of creation become the voice of God instead. Each rustle in the underbrush, each leaf that flutters down, Carries whispers of the Divine, where His gentle voice is found.

Beyond the clamor of the world, beneath the azure sky,

In solitude's embrace, we hear His tender reply.

The wilderness—a sacred church, where trees  their  branches  raise, In silent prayer, they teach us how to offer up our praise.

No cathedral's choir

can match the symphony of peace, That nature sings in quiet tones, where all our strivings cease.

In every breath of wind that blows, in every bird's soft flight,

God’s whispers weave through wilderness, turning shadows into light.

The Quiet Hours of the Night

When the world's asleep, and stars their silent vigil keep,

The quiet hours of night invite our souls to dive deep.

It's in these undisturbed moments, beneath the moon's soft glow,

We find our hearts drawn heavenward, to the God we long to know.

The night becomes a canvas, for contemplation's art,

A time to search the heavens, and the corners of our heart. In stillness, darkness speaks, of mysteries untold,

Of a Creator’s love, more precious than fine gold.

These quiet hours,

a gift, to wander and to ponder, On God’s unfathomable depths, in awe and wonder.

For in the silence of the night, our yearning spirits find,

The peace of God that whispers softly, calming heart and mind.

In the Pause Between Breaths

In the pause between breaths, in the stillness, so brief, Lies a moment of silence,

a respite from grief. A fleeting sanctuary,

where the soul may ascend, To commune with the Creator,

on whom we depend.

These pauses, like pearls, strung throughout our day, Offer glimpses of God,

in the rush and the fray. In the blink of an eye, in the beat of a heart,

In these fragments of time, His whispers impart.

A reminder that God is always near,

In every breath, every pause, we can hear His voice, in the silence,

calling us to rest,

In the presence of the Divine, we are blessed.

The Sanctuary of the Soul

Within the quiet corners of the soul, a sanctuary lies,

A place of peace and solitude, beneath the inner skies.

Here, in the heart’s most sacred space, the noise of life recedes,

And in this silence, we can find, the God who meets our needs.

This inner chapel, hushed and still, where thoughts and prayers ascend, Becomes the ground on which we meet our Maker, Friend, and End.

In contemplation's gentle grasp, we're drawn into the deep, Where in the silence of the soul, God’s mysteries we keep.

Cultivate this holy space, with patience and with care, For in the quiet of the heart, you'll find God waiting there.

The soul's sanctuary, blessed and true, a refuge from life's storm,

In the silence of our inner world, our spirits are reborn.

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