Aleksandra Bobrek (Illustrator)

A personal message from the author:

I wrote this story for my three daughters to read to them at night before bedtime. Too many of the bedtime books I was reading seemed to be mind numbing. I wanted to write one story that could span all their ages from three to twelve, understanding that they would each gain something different from the story. The younger ones will appreciate the fun story about puppies and their adventures while the older ones will make connections to themselves, overcoming trials and their relationship with God. Parents and grandparents might appreciate it most for the lessons hidden inside.

— Shane Walker

In this book you'll follow a puppy who gets into all sorts of mischief with skunks, porcupines, and bees! Her two sisters also star in this book of overcoming obstacles with each one dealing with their own adversity and overcoming. You'll enjoy their interaction with one another and how it mimics real life.In this beautifully illustrated picture book you'll find how these dogs have overcome challenges with the help of their Master. Young children will enjoy the fun loving story of three very unique dogs. Older children will see the symbolism of the story in their own life. This is a story you'll be proud to read to your children before bed as it shares wonderful life lessons of trust, hard work, and love.