This gentle rhyming poetry book of short bedtime stories featuring adorable illustrations and humorous moments takes kids on a fun journey of getting ready for bed.

The little creatures from different animal families in these heartwarming tales may not be sleepy at first, but mamas and daddies, as well as grannies and granddaddies, know best. After tasty suppers, and from nice warm bubble baths to pajama time and brushing teeth until they're sparkling white, these poetic lines teach children to do the right things before bed to help them fall asleep.

It's time for bed, so put away all your toys and games and crawl under your cozy blanket to drift off to dreamland!


Excerpt from Goodnight, Little One, Goodnight! © Copyright 2023 Marie Anna Laubert

The end of a busy day has come;
the sun is sinking deep.
It’s time for little eyes to close,
for little children to sleep.

The birds nestle quietly in the trees
to rest for the day ahead,
and for little ones in their houses,
it’s time to get ready for bed…

to put aside their toys and games
until another day,
to wash off all the dust and dirt
that gathered during play,

to brush their teeth
until each one is fully cleaned and white,
and put on soft pajamas.
It’s time to say, “Goodnight!”

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