A Collection of Mysterious, Puzzling, and Entertaining Short Stories for Young Sleuths: Includes Solve-it-Yourself Mysteries

Allow Your Little Detective to Go On Exciting Adventures Filled With Brain-Teasing Mysteries With These Mystery Short Stories for Kids! The Best Way to Boost Their Reading Skills, Encourage Critical Thinking, and Teach Them to Problem Solve

Do your kids love a good mystery?

Are they curious little ones who love to get to the bottom of things?

Have your kids been looking for a fun new activity to keep them busy for hours?

Then they're going to love Mystery Stories for Kids!

These tales are packed with suspense and intrigue, perfect for keeping young minds entertained. With two different parts, there's something for everyone in this book.

They’ll be able to follow along with the characters and try to solve the mysteries themselves. Plus, there are some fantasy and paranormal stories thrown in for good measure.

Allow their imagination to run wild as they go through these short stories specially designed to be easy to follow for children. The mysteries are also just the perfect difficulty so that kids of all ages will be able to enjoy them!

We know that reading is an important skill for kids, and what better way to get them interested in reading than with a fun mystery book? Not to mention, mysteries are a great way to help kids learn how to think critically and problem solve.

With plenty of solve-them-yourself mysteries to go through, interesting characters, and thrilling plots, these stories are sure to keep your little ones captivated from beginning to end.


Excerpt from Mystery and Detective Stories for Kids © Copyright 2023 Elizabeth Hewitt

Mystery of the Tomb

Oliver’s eyes were glued to the screen. He didn’t want to miss anything.

The tomb of Nefertiti—one of Ancient Egypt’s most powerful queens—would soon be opened for the first time after remaining a mystery for thousands of years.

Archaeologists from all over the globe have tried for decades to find the tomb. And finally, they discovered where the Queen of Egypt was buried.

Oliver was excited and couldn’t wait for the show to begin. He loved nothing more than learning about and discovering history.

Last Christmas, his mother bought him a Young Archaeologist kit, a simple sandbox with dinosaur bones buried in water-soluble stone. He spent hours finding the plastic bones and putting them together.

And ever since, he knew exactly what he wanted to become when he gets older. He hoped that one day he would be the one to discover the lost tomb of Alexander the Great.

But as Oliver and his mom sat waiting to watch the careful excavation and entry into the sealed tomb, something unexpected happened.

They watched in horror as the horizon where the tomb was located filled with a wall of yellowish air. It was a sandstorm that prevented them from seeing anything.

Then out of nowhere, the live broadcast was cut off and was replaced with static noise.

Oliver turned to his mother and asked, “What happened?”

“Looks like an unexpected storm,” she replied. “Anyway, it’s time for bed.”

Oliver was disappointed. “But…” he tried to argue with his mother.

“No buts. I don’t think they’ll be able to get into the tomb today. And if they do, I’ll record it for you.”

Oliver sighed but didn’t argue again. His mother walked him up to his room. Then she tucked him into bed and kissed him goodnight.

Oliver thought about what was happening at the tomb, thousands of miles away. Was the sandstorm really an unfortunate coincidence? Or was it something more?

What if the old pharaohs didn’t want the peace of the tomb to be disturbed? What if they caused the storm?

Endless questions kept bombarding Oliver’s mind until he finally drifted into a deep sleep…


Opening his eyes, Oliver found himself standing in a dark place with stale air. He couldn’t see anything despite the few streaks of sunlight that had sneaked in from somewhere.

Suddenly something felt heavy in Oliver’s pajama pocket. He dug his hand into it and pulled out his phone.

He remembered that he had forgotten to take it out of his pocket before he went to bed.

Using it as a flashlight, Oliver started looking around him. His eyes widened when his gaze fell on a giant statue—one he recognized well. It was a statue of Nefertiti.

He was inside her tomb. But how?

Dozens of items were scattered in every corner of the tomb—most of them were gold and rare gems. There was also a human skeleton by the tomb’s entry. Oliver assumed it probably belonged to a grave robber.

Something else caught Oliver’s eye. A golden scarab was on the floor, right beside the skeleton.

Oliver remembered reading about them in one of his history books. Ancient Egyptians placed them in tombs to deter intruders.

It seemed like the grave robber had taken it from its place.

Maybe that was why the archeologists couldn’t open the tomb, Oliver thought.

Slowly, Oliver walked toward the scarab, trying to avoid touching the skeleton.

Picking it up, he looked at the tomb’s wall, which was filled with many hieroglyphs. But there was also an empty hole where the scarab was supposed to be.

Carefully, Oliver placed the scarab back into the wall, and suddenly, the ground beneath him started shaking.

He dropped the phone that was in his hand, and the place was swallowed by darkness again…


Oliver felt someone shaking him gently. He opened his eyes to find his mother looking at him with a smile. It was already morning.

“They’ve opened the tomb,” she said.

“Really?” Oliver asked, feeling fully awake.

“Yes, but apparently, someone had already beaten them to it. They found a phone inside.”


Oliver’s eyes went wide. He touched his pocket, but his phone was nowhere to be found…

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