Uncover the secrets of the hair transplant industry.

Are you thinking about getting a hair transplant, but you want to know what secrets that the industry hides from you? Looking for a detailed, inside look into the hair transplant industry, based on four decades of research and observation? Then keep reading.

Touted as a simple solution to balding and receding hairlines, the hair transplant industry holds many secrets that consumers need to know. Nobody understands this better than Michael Petrus, who at the age of 23, underwent a hair transplant but didn't fully understand the procedure, the extreme limitations, and the marketers and doctors who are drawn to this lucrative area of medicine.

Now at the age of 57, Michael shares his story in a powerful account, drawing on four decades of research, observation, and consumer experience to offer a detailed and comprehensive look at the secrets and shortcomings of the hair transplant industry. Far too many people who suffer disastrous hair transplants are too ashamed to speak out. But now, you can arm yourself with the essential knowledge you need.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  • How The Hair Transplant Industry Keeps Consumers In The Dark and Conceals Information About Its Procedures
  • Why Bad Decisions and Impulse Operations Lead To Disastrous Results
  • A Breakdown of Common Hair Transplant Drawbacks
  • The Marketing Machine Which Keeps The Industry Running
  • Hair Transplant Horror Stories Some Followed By Thoughts of Suicide– What You Need To Know
  • The Truth About Hair Tattoos, Hair Loss Drugs, and More
  • Reflections on The Industry

With insightful comments, real science, and a down-to-earth breakdown of the hair transplant industry, join Michael Petrus as he shares his story and provides vital information that you need to consider before signing up for surgery.

A personal message from the author:

I wrote this book for the thousands upon thousands of consumers who chose to have a surgical cosmetic procedure regardless of the type. What they didn’t understand is shame can result in a silence that keeps most of the truth hidden from others. Very often you will see celebrities having had bizarre results with cosmetic surgery but they will for most never speak about it. Some of these same celebrities go back again and again for more procedures with the general public not quite understanding. These well known people are in a trap, similar to those that chose to have a hair transplant procedure. It becomes difficult to escape, the mirror and sometimes the stares become the prison bars that can last a lifetime.

I wrote this book for all those I have spoken to over the last 35 years who felt their life had been destroyed many of them feeling suicidal. They simply did not know and their shame keeps them silent. I am their voice.

— Michael Petrus

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