A personal message from the author:

During these difficult times, it's easy to lose direction. I know first hand, as it's happened to me in the past as well… but not anymore. Now, I want to share with others the success philosophy I've developed over the years so that they can remain focused on pursuing what makes them happy in life – and never lose sight of it. I hope readers will take a lot away from this book, including how to develop and maintain a positive mindset, how to set goals and plans to achieve them, how to remain motivated and success-driven, how to overcome hurdles and find the benefit in any circumstance, and much more. This success philosophy has not only proved to work in all aspects of my life, it's worked for countless others as well. Start living your happiest and most successful life, beginning today!

— Joe Florentine, co-author

Want to see your life change for the better right before your eyes? It's as simple as learning and practicing the lessons in The Foundation of a Successful Life. We all want something out of life, whether it's a personal goal, a professional goal, an academic goal or a combination of these. This book offers a tried and true formula for turning those goals into reality. The sooner you begin to implement these lessons, the sooner you'll begin seeing results! The Foundation of a Successful Life will walk you through proven steps to success, like understanding what makes you happy, creating a positive mindset, goal setting, planning, turning hurdles into advantages and much more. These lessons have been used for generations by the world's most successful people to get anything they wanted out of life… and now you, too, can follow suit.It does not matter where you are in life right now. All that matters is where you want to go from this point forward. Picking up this book is the first step toward finding happiness and success in your life, however it is that you personally define happiness and success. The time is now. Are you ready?

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