Heaven’s Genuine & Counterfeit Ministry is a book illustrating the Bible’s new covenant Faith, only to discern, arising from the earth, a strange ministry foreign to its objective. The ground, upon which the living God’s heavenly mediation is built, is a benevolent decree for the inward parts of man. The doer of this instruction will find their conversation translated from an earthy house to heaven’s Temple for a more thorough education on creation’s current assignment, to the end the mystery within heaven’s Building may find itself finished within their heart.

Heaven’s commandment, and its promise for newness through its course of personal learning, is examined, yet amid this discourse, the reader is suddenly made to observe a conflicting manner pushing against heaven’s desire. A political entity has arisen upon the scene of action with a counterfeit religious course and commandment to disturb the intention of heaven’s throne. This new civil creature has a will of his own, and being controlled by certain priests of a misleading aim and character, he will, by their counsel, establish a rule that is most injurious to the conscience and religious conversation of heaven’s citizens, and by deception will strip away and replace heaven’s right peace for earth.


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