Battle for the Harrisonville Square

In 1972 Hippies took over the the square in a small Missouri town, leading to murder.

In 1972, the town of Harrisonville in Missouri faced a problem with hippies who had settled in the town square surrounding the county courthouse. The group consisted of young people including Vietnam War veterans and high school students who admired them. City officials needed to find a way to address the situation.

Unfortunately, the situation escalated and on April 21st, one of the hippies named Charlie Simpson used an M-1 carbine to kill three people before taking his own life. Following this tragedy, the situation with the hippies did not improve. Some citizens of Harrisonville became frustrated and formed a vigilante group to drive the hippies away. This led to a violent confrontation between the two groups.

In this book, Hippie War, the author, who is a former Harrisonville resident, presents a vivid account of the conflict between hippie culture and the local community in the early 1970s. The book explores the causes of the problem, the tragic events that occurred, and the attempts made to resolve the conflict.

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