The complete guide to making 20 hand sanitizer gel recipes at home

If you want to know why making yourself hand sanitizers are very important for you and your family's safety, read on: 

Some commercial hand sanitizer contains ingredients as unnerving as the germs they shield you from, so why not make your own hand sanitizer from ingredients you select?

This is an astounding venture for kids just as grown-ups since the undertaking can be extended to incorporate a conversation about cleanliness and cleansing. You will set aside money, shield yourself from germs, and can alter the fragrance of the hand sanitizer, so it doesn't smell medicinal.

In this book you will 20 recipes, in particular:

  •   Introduction to hand sanitizer
  •   Soap making
  •   Liquid Soap
  •   Liquid Soap Making
  •   Disinfecting wipes

A complete guide, educational, simple, safe and economic, within everyone's reach.


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