So, you wrote the perfect book – you have a great story and an excellent main character. No matter what your book is about, you try to come up with all kinds of different techniques to promote your new release. Going on YouTube is not necessarily your first option, but it should be. In fact, there are a few great techniques to promote your book to an incredible audience, not to mention hiring freelancers to get the job done for you. All in all, here is how to promote your book on YouTube.

There are lots of different ideas out there and they vary widely. For instance, you could come up with a killer trailer for your book, but you might as well partner with influencers or get a few professional critics to review the book. You can host more series inside the author and more importantly, try to hang around where your fans are. While some of these ideas are doable, there is also the opportunity to get someone to do it for you professionally.

Create a Book Trailer

First of all you need to create a stunning book promotion video for your YouTube channel. This isn't an easy task, since books are much less visual than movies but there are some very talented guys on Fiverr who could help you in this respect. We attempt to find the best alternatives for you on Fiverr.

Pavaluts – Children's books

Umerkhawer – Wide range of fiction and non-fiction books

Xpressvideos – Thriller, horror books

Redxdesigner – Sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, generic fiction

Globalvideos – Fantasy, thrillers, christian books

Check the service provider's reference videos and pick the one which is closest to your own taste.

Promote Your Video

Generally speaking, a marketing agency would cost you a bit of money. Your book is still new, so there are no profits. You do not want to spend even more on marketing. Luckily, you do not necessarily need a professional service for this job. Instead, you might as well get some experienced freelancers to do it. You will pay a fraction of what a marketing company would charge you and results could be even better. All in all, here are some of the most attractive gigs on Fiverr to learn how to promote your book on YouTube.

Organic YouTube video promotion

This freelancer will provide excellent value for money based on their gig. You get two days of organic promotion over YouTube – you are very likely to exceed more than 1,000 visitors in those two days. The whole delivery of this job will take about three days. That is when you will see the results. Obviously, getting the same gig a few more times will bring in even more exposure.

The promotion over YouTube is fully organic. The traffic is organic and you will actually get in touch with people who are interested in what you provide. According to the marketer, you will benefit from extra promotion on a few different platforms. You will save time, but you will reduce the marketing expenses without sacrificing performance.

The viral profile of a video depends on more factors and the marketing strategy is one of them. Sure, a good video could explode overnight and become an Internet sensation, but there are also ways to push the profile yourself. Apart from the actual promotion, the freelancer will also come up with high quality backlinks to lead to even more organic traffic.

A PPC campaign is also included in the package. The benefits of this gig are pretty obvious – the organic traffic is your main priority, but you will also enjoy professional search engine optimization for the video, good watching times and viewer or customer retention. Other than that, the promotion follows the white hat principles, so there are no risks whatsoever.

Add a YouTube video to high ranking platforms

This gig is provided by a freelancer with quite some experience. Take a look through the persona reviews and you will see a good working history, as well as many words of appreciation. Specialized in YouTube promotion, the freelancer provides access to a gig that could turn your video into a viral sensation overnight. Not only is it cost efficient, but it is also relatively quick.

So, the gig will give you over 2,500 backlinks to your YouTube video. You will have to come up with the video yourself, so take your time and give it your best – perhaps hire another freelancer for this job as well. Backlinks will come from reputable websites in the same niche and they feature a fast indexing response, meaning your video will become a search engine favorite in no time. The job takes three days.

For the final result to be flawless, the video will have to be optimized – nothing to worry about. The freelancer will handle the optimization for you. The video visibility will skyrocket, but the organic growth will also ensure a longterm exposure. Your video will be watched over all kinds of platforms – different profiles – by an audience who is actually interested in it.

Now, how would you benefit from such a gig? First, you would get views and interactions – likes, comments and so on. Then, your video will rank higher in YouTube over certain keywords. You will be suggested more often by YouTube, which will lead to even more exposure, subscribers and a potential growth. There will be reports on the gig result as well, so you know precisely what you pay for.

YouTube search engine optimization       

When you think search engine optimization, you think search engines like Google or Bing. But learning how to promote your book on YouTube is part of the same game. This freelancer offers a gig that will ensure your video grow over YouTube and get more often in suggestions, results on YouTube and even results over search engines when going to the video tab.

The gig will rank your video among the top 10 search results over a long keyword. The delivery? One day only. Is it worth it? Based on so many reviews regarding the service, it should be worth it – great value for money. All in all, you get a detailed evaluation of the channel or page, as well as professional research for 10 different keywords or hashtags.

The gig is available for one video only – you want it for more videos, you purchase it more times. Your video will be optimized – the title, description and meta tags. The top ranking is guaranteed by the freelancer. Techniques used for this gig involve white hat solutions only, so there are no risks for your hard work whatsoever.

The research, search engine optimization and results will be given for a related keyword. The keyword will be suggestive for your niche. Moreover, the freelancer will also research the competition to ensure you can stand out in the crowd. Playlists can be optimized too, not to mention adding end screens, cards, subtitles, further tips and reports. The video will also be shared on social media as a bonus.

YouTube video promotion in an organic way

There are more types of YouTube video promotion gigs out there, but some of them stand out in the crowd. They have been around for a while and the freelancers behind them have an exquisite reputation. This one makes no exception either, coming from a popular freelancer with lots of background and a great reputation. So, what does this organic promotion actually involve?

The whole promotion campaign will take about five days. This is the optimal recommended time – you are quite likely to get it done faster though. The delivery is usually within four days. The gig involves growing your YouTube video in an organic manner, with white hat techniques only. You are given an incredible audience of 10,000 different users. Moreover, the video will be shared over five social networks.

The audience is real and depends on your niche or topic. You will be exposed to people who may actually be interested in what you wrote about. As a direct consequence, some people will clearly engage more with you, whether it comes to buying your book or sharing it further. The service is 100% organic, meaning there are no black hat techniques that could jeopardize your marketing campaign.

The author of this gig relies on links and bookmarks, the possibility to share videos over high authority channels and websites and the high amounts of shares over social media networks. Of course, the video will be properly analyzed and optimized upfront to ensure the audience is right. To get this gig started, you must give your freelancer a link to your video, as well as a brief idea of your ideal buyer or reader.

YouTube video promotion through social networks

Learning how to promote your book on YouTube is relatively simple if you have an experienced marketer by your side. Assuming that you already have a promotion video, this freelancer will promote it to 1,000 viewers in no time. The video could be anything – just make sure it is catchy and can go viral. It might as well be a trailer – like the ones created for movies.

There are more packages you can order from and the audience size can vary based on your requirements. The promotion will increase the view count, popularity, chances to be suggested and potential interactions and forms of engagement, whether it comes to comments, likes or simply purchases – the marketer does not guarantee for the final result though, as it depends on how good your video is.

The service applies to one video only. It is a natural form of promotion in an organic manner, meaning there will be white hat techniques involved. The service is professional and involves worldwide audiences – quite helpful if your book is also available in an electronic format. Other than that, the service is useful for video rankings as well, which will add to the overall popularity.

The promotion will be conducted through various campaigns. Pay per click campaigns will also be included – at this point, the audience is targeted based on the niche you approach. The price for the service includes all the advertising costs as well, so there will be no extra charges. Finally, it is worth noting that the marketer has a good reputation and plenty of positive reviews.

How to promote your book on YouTube yourself

Apart from hiring a freelancer to help with the promotion and marketing campaign, there are also a few things you can do yourself to increase engagement and popularity.

Film some book readings

You may not be able to secure a spot in a well-known bookstore, but thanks to YouTube, you do not even have to. Instead, film yourself reading exciting parts of your book – no major spoilers though. Make sure you keep these videos relatively short, as you do not want to reveal your whole book.

Get on social media

Be present everywhere on social media. Join groups or pages gathering authors together. Add a few pictures, follow people, comment and get noticed. You might as well do a cover video to reveal the cover of your book in a glamorous way.

Film a trailer

This is one of the best options out there – you will need some actors and perhaps someone with shooting experience, such as a film student. Students are great because they will not charge you too much and they will love having something in their portfolio.

Give a few books away

You might have a few books around – mostly for friends and families. You can also organize a giveaway – make sure you advertise for it everywhere. Go on social networks, join groups and advertise this giveaway everywhere. People should share it – part of the conditions.

Join book websites

There are lots of websites where books are reviewed – and even sold. Join as an author and make your book known. Add your book to various book lover websites to make it stand out in the crowd. People will give it a quick check at least out of curiosity.

As a short final conclusion, learning how to promote your book on YouTube covers multiple aspects. You can do a few things yourself and increase the popularity of your release, but your options are limited. Hiring a professional marketing company could cost you a fortune, so it pays off hiring a freelancer instead.

Freelancers will do a pretty good job – choose someone with a good reputation and lots of reviews – for a fairly low price, so your marketing campaign can become successful without investing a fortune.