True Chronicles on my Choices, Career & Love

Are you great? Do you have dreams? Are your dreams big enough?

My comprehension of becoming great, does not mean you have to be the next President of your country, a Beauty Pageant winner or become a Celebrity. Becoming great is not a competition with others, it is a competition with yourself, by daring to dream, having a plan to achieve them in your own way, with your own rules, from your own power you make your own choices and conquer your world by consistently evolving who you are. It is what you own, your unique power, as unique as your fingerprints.

I have a purpose, which compelled me to write this book. From 1.3 billion (and counting…) people in India, I am that one girl, you can relate to, from a middle class family (I really don't know where this middle is but..) with not so average but super ambitious dreams.

— Sharon Swathi Gaddala


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