An escape plan from North Korea gone wrong and scattered a family over three nations for nearly two decades.

Jin Chan was ready to pay the ultimate price to break his wife and three kids out of the most guarded detention camps in North Korea. So, when he saw the opportunity opened up, he didn’t hesitate, but was it worth it?

The sudden plan ended with his family divided along gender lines and lost in the dark on opposite sides of the road. Following a series of events from that night of the escape, the lives of every member of the Chan family took a different drastic turn.

On one side of the divide, Paik, and Shin, who were only 11 and 8 years old respectively, were lost in the woods to survive and fend for themselves through the night while waiting for a mother and sister who never showed up. The two boys were later captured and sent to an orphanage, where their lives took another turn.

Jin's wife, Sun, and their last child Sue ended up on the wrong side of the road and only managed to be captured. Sun had a difficult decision of running away with her daughter and abandoning her sons or risk being caught by the Korean People's Army, who spent all night searching for them.

Paik and Shin would later end up in the United States, forming the most dreaded gang in Chicago and its environs. The Brotherhood was formed to fight against bullies but later metamorphosed into a drug trafficking and other crimes gang.

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