Making Peace with Asperger's

The Winds of Change: Making Peace with Asperger's is the ultimate feel good story of living with a condition that affects one in a hundred people.

This fictionalised account, mirroring aspects of the author's own experiences, shines a light on life with Asperger's and how it affects those diagnosed with it, their co-workers, their friends and their family.

Rhys, who struggles with his condition, will discover that 2018 becomes the defining year of his life and, with the love and support of his family, finds that his world is changing for the better and that it really is possible to make peace with Asperger's.

A personal message from the author:

This book is about a man who has been stuck in a rut and has been persuaded by events to make the necessary changes in his life whilst also facing challenges from his condition.

He goes through so many changes in life and it challenges his way of thinking, his way of life and how he comes to terms with all these changes.

Suddenly, he goes through an extraordinary event that makes him come to realise that the changes were indeed necessary and how it helps him make peace with not just himself but also his Asperger's.

My message to all of you is that if you are looking for an uplifting book, please read my book because with all the doom and gloom going on in the world, we need more uplifting and success stories.

— Keiron Austwick

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