Leprechaun Series

“Growing up in Ireland I was consumed with Irish folklore and mythology so I wanted to come up with a story that reflected my love for the topic.”
R.J. Darby

It seems hard to imagine that anything could seem out of the ordinary in the world of fairies, but they too have their encounters with the unknown. For husband and wife leprechaun duo Niamh and Rowan, they thought that raising children would be their last adventure. Waking up in a cold sweat and haunted by visions of vile things tearing into their home, Niamh fears for her sanity. What she should have been scared of was what was to come. Luckily she has her husband, greatest shoemaker in the land, by her side. But soon that will be all she has. Everything they know melts away in a haze of blood and broken hearts, leaving only two hopes; a Kingdom with a Council of Fae who would sooner see them damned or the Forest of Phantoms, home of the banshee. Great darkness has emerged and there’s no easy way to stop it. More than one sacrifice has to be made from an already dying breed. The two leprechauns travel further than their whole village combined has ever been, only to meet with one final vision. This time they take it seriously, but in the end, what will it change?


Read online Leaves Falling in a Quiet Place by R.J. Darby