Teaching Children about savings and Good Money Habits

Lena and the Wise Panda tells the enchanting tale of Lena, a curious girl exploring her mother's homeland during vacation. In this magical forest, she meets a caring tribe of pandas and is mentored by the insightful panda, Chip.

Through their guidance, Lena discovers vital financial principles like saving, determination, commitment, regularity, and self-discipline.

As she bids farewell to the Panda village, Lena carries her invaluable financial wisdom and skills, equipping her for a successful future in managing money wisely.

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Excerpt from Lena and The Wise Panda © Copyright 2023 Viola Tkaczyk


Lena and the Wise Panda is an intriguing tale of adventure, excitement, and learning. It features the story of Lena, a smart, curious, and beautiful little girl who goes on a vacation to her mother's homeland but stumbles upon the most remarkable and magical adventure she's ever experienced.

She finds herself in an enchanted forest that is home to an amazing panda tribe. They are the most loving and welcoming creatures Lena has ever come in contact with.

There, in a magical forest, the clan of happy pandas live together in harmony, their guardian being a very wise panda named Chip. He goes on to teach little Lena much more than she ever hoped to learn in such a short time spent together.

Lena learns lessons on the importance of saving and other good money habits; she learns that savings can help her fulfill her dreams and aspirations. She also learns to save by persevering, being dedicated, consistent, and self-controlled.

She soon begins to save her own money and learns the concept of delayed gratification, the difference between needs and wants, and the fulfillment that comes with helping others. She understands that making such smart money choices can lead to her life's success and is willing to give it all it takes.

In the end, Lena leaves the panda village a more empowered little girl, who has learned all the priceless truths that can make anyone succeed greatly in the financial world.

The book aims to teach children to develop responsible, valuable, and empowering money habits that will make them a success. In a clear, engaging, and inspiring language, children can learn the value of money as well as the importance of handling it the right way.


A beautiful little girl once lived in Texas, Tennessee, with her daddy and mommy. Her name was Lena, and she was the sweetest little girl anyone had ever seen.

Lena had beautiful blond curly hair, green eyes, and a smile that could melt the heart of anyone. She enjoyed doing many things like playing, dancing, and baking with Mommy. The chocolate cookies were her all-time favorite to make with Mommy's supervision, but above all, Lena loved going on adventures and travels, learning about new and amazing cultures all over the world.

She never missed an opportunity to go camping, hiking, or on an exciting vacation to a new and cultural environment.

Lena's parents understood this passion of hers and how happy it made her. So they took her on a lot of adventures until it became one of their favorite things to do as a family.

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