A personal message from the author:

Ever since I was a kid, I've loved stories about liars with good intentions who learn along the way. So Lies and Magic is just that: my favorite kind of adventure, written with a younger version of myself as the audience. I hope you enjoy it as much as that goofy kid would've!

— Will Boehm

Gar and Alicia are young runaways who get kidnapped and then adopted by a tribe of goblin nomads. Gar Bugbucket is a whimsical gnome that bends the truth to try to bring joy to the world, and Alicia Anvilporter is a dwarf seeking happiness anywhere she can find it — including her neighbor’s purses.

Together they journey to learn about themselves and the world around them, all while solving challenges they face with cleverness rather than aggression. However, when their kingdom’s Wizard Guild moves against their homes, the pair are forced to use everything they’ve learned to save everything they fled.

Along the journey, our new friends encounter dangerous kelpies, goblin romance, greedy wizards (and their lawyers), and they learn together how magic can both lie and tell the truth. Join me, and together we will join them as they discover lies and magic.

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