Answers and New Insights! Is there life after death? Meaning of life? Reincarnation? What happens when you die? Is communication possible?… and Hell?

Life After Death – Answers and New Insights delves into the possibility of an afterlife and provides new perspectives on some of life's most important questions. The book explores the meaning and purpose of life, what happens to the body and soul after death, the existence of Heaven and Hell, the near-death experience (NDE), how to reach Heaven, grief & grieving, reincarnation, and communication with the afterlife. The book evaluates the teaching of several of the world's largest religions and their criteria for entering Heaven. It also touches on the interpretation and validity of the New Testament as a literal document.

Over the past fifty years, Dr. Treloar has extensively researched these topics to provide readers with an authentic, rigorously researched, and unbiased view of his findings. The author has no religious affiliation or association and uses language and academic style accessible to all readers – enabling them to form informed opinions and create questions for continued reflection.

The book comprises 250 pages, nearly 60,000 words, and includes color pictures, charts, and illustrations.
Part of the proceeds from the sale of each book or eBook version will be donated to the International Red Cross (ICRC) to support their mission of aiding and protecting victims and promoting respect for international humanitarian law.

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