NewScientist had a recent article about this topic. The phenomenon is quite rare, because of the nature of it. However death is fate we all share, secretly we would like to know what is waiting for us. With this article I would like reassure you: leaving the material world is not as bad.

Anna Demers (read on Quora)

When I was 36 years old, I had a horrible car accident in early March on the highway. My car caught a patch of black ice and I lost complete control of the vehicle…

…I said in a very calm voice. “Today, I’m going to die.” There was going to be a pile up and I was going to be at the bottom of it.

I remember making two wishes.
1- I do not want to kill anyone.
2- If I come back, I come back in one piece or nothing at all.

Then something very weird happened and to this day I still have no logical explanations. Ok, I’m in my car, waiting to die and I remember feeling no fear really but a strange sense of calmness enveloped me. Anyway, unexpectedly, this invisible blanket of warmth enveloped me.

My windshield became sort of like illuminated in this beautiful warm pale yellow hues and all kinds of white hues and this presence seemed to be flying or floating towards me with its arms ( They seemed like arms to me.) extended as it seemed to go right through the windshield window to “hug” me or “pick me up” or “pull me out of there”… I have no clue. Anyway, as I watched this presence I could not see the face. It was a luminous very warm but not burning type of heat kind of being. I could not tell if it was a woman or a man and the energy from this “being” was something that I was not familiar with.

I then said to myself: “I’m dead and they are coming to get me.” That is all that I remember, while all hell was breaking lose on this side of reality…

We find lot of stories, that describes emotionally rich experiences, including “out of body” experiences. Steven Laureys who studies these experiences said the following:

There are several hypothesizes as to how these events arise, such as lack of oxygen to the brain or damage to areas that control emotion. So you'd expect to see differences between near-death experiences after drowning and those of other traumas.

But there were a lot of common experiences:

The most common feature was an overwhelming feeling of peacefulness. The next most common was an out-of-body experience. And many people felt a change in their perception of how time was passing.

The reality that after we leave or body our consciousness loses the focus on the material world, losing your body is a shock, without any pain (because you have no body). The hardest thing to accept the situation, and get comforted with your new existence: astral world as you could call it.

Final world

8472917424_0a53c28cb5_zYou will not be alone, helpers/angels/wise souls will come to you to help, their only goal is to acknowledge the reality around you, sometimes they are playing your afterlife imagination (heaven, happy hunting ground or whatever your belief is) if you needed.

Finally you became more consciousness, and understand what is going on.

You are only part of yourself as a human, you ego limits your understanding about as it is. You will not be alone, not in life, not in eternal, someone will always next to you.

Remember emotions are the only universal language, and love is the only world you have to know.