Why kids don't listen to their parents?

Did you ever wondered why your kids do not want to do what you say? It does not mean you are bad parent, or you words are not important. In our childhood we learned how to pronounce meaningful voice, we learned how to run fast, we learned how to make a sandwich and we learned a lot of important personal values like respect elders or never lie. If somebody asks how we accomplished to learn so much things, we might say that we were told how to do that…but it is not the whole picture.

We forget that there were times (as we were babies) when we did not understand language. At this time we only learned things by imitating adults. Parents are the most important role model for their children no matter what they do. It means we can show very good or even very bad things to children, and they learn both of them. They learn how to love each other, but also how to be angry. But that phenomena goes far beyond, if somebodies parent is very diligent or confident these attributes will most likely to emerge in their children.

Young boy imitating father

Did you ever noticed that after a meet with an important person, you just started picking up his or her gestures? This learning method continue to follow you in your life. That is why we have to find our real personal hero in our everyday life, someone who is worth learning from.