Originally, Lost in Space was an American TV series – first aired in 1965. Back then, it was a hit. It was inspired by a novel from 1812 – The Swiss Family Robinson, as well as some comics. The series was quite successful back then. A few remakes have been made since then, but none of them managed to get the same high level of popularity.

Until recently, when Netflix announced that the legendary show is coming back. It came back in the summer of 2016, but the series debuted later on, in 2018. The series had two seasons, with the third one being announced as the last one. Now, what should you know about it? Are there any Lost in Space books to keep you busy?

The origin of Lost in Space – the Netflix version

Lost in Space is not an original release. Sure, it comes with some updates and a modern approach, but the original show was aired in the 1960s, and it was a massive hit. Over the past decades, there were a few remakes, but they failed to raise the expectations. While they were not rated bad, they gained way less popularity than the actual series.

The modern version aired by Netflix is based on the original show from the 1960s, which was also based on some books. The books carrying the same name are obviously much more detailed. On the same note, the Netflix version comes with a few improvements that are not necessarily in the Lost in Space books.

The original Lost in Space books

Lost in Space books begin with The Swiss Family Robinson. Originally titled Der Schweizerische Robinson, the novel was written by Johann David Wyss. It came out in 1812 and told the story of some Swiss immigrants who decided to move to Australia. They end up on a ship, which shipwrecks in the East Indies.

The book was quite a success and was turned into a comic book later on. Published by Gold Key Comics, the book – Space Family Robinson – is based on the original novel. It was released in 1962 and had 59 issues – the last one came out in 1982. Meanwhile, the original television series was also aired for the fans of the story.

Now, whether you want more details about the story or you want to read the unaltered old fashioned, the original Lost in Space books will certainly keep you entertained. Furthermore, there are other similar books out there – not necessarily featuring the exact same story – that will bring in the same feelings and adventures.

Lost in Space: Return to Yesterday, by Kevin Emerson

This is one of the most popular Lost in Space books out there and for some good reasons. Most importantly, it is based on the actual show released by Netflix. It brings in a modern story and follows Will Robinson's adventures. He is only 11 years old and has a good friend and protector – the so-called Robot. However, Robot's past is quite dark and hides a plethora of mysterious secrets.

The action moves on three decades into the future. The planet is no longer as friendly as it used to be. A few colonists travel around the galaxy in an attempt to find a new home. Will and his family – parents and two sisters – are among these colonists. However, their ship gets attacked and the family ends up stranded on a foreign planet.

Not only do they need to deal with the technical disaster, but there are also plenty of dangers in the hostile environment. Will and Robot decide to explore the new world and find a bunch of caves. One of them hides a portal. Will realizes that he can travel back in time, to his planet – way before the family had to search for a new planet.

Lost in Space: Infinity’s Edge, by Kevin Emerson

Just like the first book in the series, this second release is based on Netflix's hit. The story is somehow related to the first one, so it pays off starting with the beginning. All in all, Will is 12 years old now. He is still with his close friend Robot and they are still trying to help everyone in the family settle in a new place.

The action picks up from where it was left in the first book. Six months after landing on a hostile planet, Will and his family are still unable to find contact with other colonists. While Will has Robot around, he feels like he needs a new friend on the planet. One day, he runs into a mysterious girl. She is from the future and her name is Clare.

She knows who Will is and she claims she needs his help to save her family. Will is dying to get a new friend and decides to help her, but he has no idea that her innocent request hides something darker. Will will try to save Clare, but at the same time, he will try to find a way to keep his family safe as well. Will he manage to find a middle solution?

Lost in Space, by Brian Buccellato and Richard Dinnick

This is the first book in a series based on Netflix’s release and obviously based on the same story. This graphic novel expands the story and brings in new theories and adventures for Will and the Robinson family. The plot is similar – the Robinsons end up on a hostile planet and have to find a way to survive in front of a series of dangers.

The book takes the adventure to another level because everything is brand new – things that you have not seen in the Netflix series. You have the Robinsons, Robot, Doctor Smith, as well as Don West. Everyone will have to survive in a new world full of unusual creatures, as well as plenty of unexpected guests.

There are more books in the series and they all bring in some new adventures. It is certainly an interesting point of view, while the author’s rapid storytelling skills will hook you in straight away. There is no dragging whatsoever, as action is continuous and likely to surprise you with its dynamics – definitely a must-read for those who are after Lost in Space books.

Lost in Space, by Bill Mumy

Bill Mumy has written the ultimate graphic novel – lush artwork, colorful designs and an impressive cover. Furthermore, the foreword comes from Stan Lee. What else can you ask for? The book is based on the famous Lost in Space story and brings in a different perspective over the Robinson’s adventure.

The action takes place later on. The colonists on Jupiter 2 have finally made it to the planet they were aiming for – Alpha Centauri. However, the Robinsons have been through a few challenges overtime, so their family will never be the same again.

The characters are unchanged and you have the same fun group, including Robot. But then, the adventure is different from what readers might expect. It turns out that Alpha Centauri is not as fun as everyone believed. In fact, the crew realizes that the trip was the fun part, as the planet itself is not that attractive.

Lost in Space, by Joan D. Vinge

This is one of the least known Lost in Space books and based on the adventures in it, it is hard to understand why. You have the same classic characters. Since the world they escaped from has changed to 180 degrees, they have to find a new place to live. But then, their mission has also suffered a change.

All in all, the Robinsons left the dying planet. They ended up on a spaceship and went through space and quantum wormholes in an attempt to find a new planet. Known as Alpha Prime, this planet is said to be like heaven.

The planet is unspoiled, fresh and ready for new inhabitants – the only problem is it is way too far. Getting there is the biggest challenge, as the main characters will have to face plenty of unexpected enemies and situations.

Lost in Space, by Mark Cotta Vaz

This book keeps the tradition alive and brings in even more adventures for the Robinsons in the attempt to find a quiet and welcoming planet. The story picks up from where others have left – the crew is already on Jupiter 2 and ready to face a series of new challenges.

The Robinson family is more confused than ever. Floating from one intergalactic lane to another, the family needs to find a way back home. The problem is dangerous aliens are everywhere around – battling them is not always an option, so the crew needs to dodge them.

The adventures in this book are slightly different from what you might have read so far. Get ready for something new, a few interesting plot twists and a unique type of action – a must-read for every Lost in Space fan out there.


Bottom line, these are some of the most exciting Lost in Space books out there. While there are more titles out there, many of them are nonfiction and more suitable for those who need to know more about the background or what went on behind the scenes. The above-mentioned titles will bring in a series of new adventures to keep you entertained.

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