Manage My Emotion Series

In Manage My Emotions for Kids, author and kids’ emotional intelligence expert Dr. Kenneth Martz draws on over 25 years of experience helping children and families manage emotions and improve family communication to teach you how to help your elementary school children how to understand emotions, especially in this very stressful time of social isolation and despair.

You and your children will learn proven methods for identifying emotions and give them valuable methods for practicing ways to overcome negative emotions.

In this valuable self-improvement guide for managing emotions for kids, you will learn:

  • Easy self-assessment practice that kids can do by themselves to learn how emotions are affecting their life, including understanding when multiple emotions are causing conflicts
  • Proven coping skills for helping your child to overcome adversity and find happiness when they face common emotional issues like bullying, cliques and loneliness.
  • The 6 main kids’ emotions and how to recognize them – Scared, Mad, Happy, Worried, Sad, Love, Awareness
  • How to have courage, even when your child is scared or nervous.

Would you like your child to be able to feel prepared to handle any emotional challenges that comes their way?  If so, then you will love Manage My Emotions for Kids. See also the free parent's guide download from the link included.

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