Healing Journeys For Unseen Wounds

A personal message from the author:

A gift of healing for widowed fathers to help their children open a loving conversation about grief and process big emotions related to the loss of a mother.

The loss of a mother at a young age can make us grow up with a lack of emotional safety and underlying feelings of abandonment and guilt regarding her passing. These are all unconscious responses but when unprocessed lead to a lifetime of emotional strife. Children that are denied the process of grieving will tend to repress their emotions at a later time, all because there was no room for them in the past. This is why it is important to process grief safely and be able to share the different emotions that stem from expected or unexpected tragedies, for healthier parenting and happier kids.

–Laura Piquero

Join the magical worlds of Timmy and friends for a healing journey like no other. Six stories of children who are undergoing loss and hardship, transitions, grief and bereavement, with unexpected friendships, finding joy in the possibilities of tomorrow, and opening an honest conversation about grief and emotional wounds for conscious parenting. It validates places where they are feeling unseen, unheard and alone in their current struggle, while opening up avenues for deeper bonding with the current or alternative caregivers. With the revival of unconditional love, the reader brings about their own emotional safety and protection to be their true selves after trauma.

There are 4 different outlooks to this book, which meet fundamental needs…

  1. For children who underwent or are undergoing loss of mother. Physical death of a mother, and thereby of the nurturing female caretaker who used to provide emotional safety for the child. Also, separation from the mother due to unforeseen circumstances (toxic parenting, custody battles or departure of the home). In either case it is a support tool for the remaining caregiver or alternative caregiver, as well as a healthy grieving tool for the child so that it may have a safe place to express emotions related to grief and feeling abandoned by the mother.
  2. For children who underwent abuse, neglect, and lack of emotional support causing them to act out or shutdown. Wounds that stem from the mother (feminine polarity) define how we view ourselves in the world, obtain safety and express emotions. Early abandonment and neglect (physical or emotional), leads to having a view of life based on mistrust, instead of healthy bonding and self-appreciation. Enmeshment, helicopter parenting, manipulation and emotional abuse lead the child to patterns of codependency and not having a clear sense of self around others. They are prone to lifelong abuse for being raised with no right to boundaries, seen as supply or investments by the parents, and the burden of expectations which suppresses healthy development of their own unique true self. The traumatized child has gone through enough, so this book does not touch upon abuse in a direct way. It gently touches on shame, abandonment, rejection, and some templates of narcissistic mothers for emotional validation. An invitation to foster more compassionate parenting where the child is seen, heard and loved for who they are, not for who they should be. Children who may benefit are children of a narcissistic parent, foster children, adopted children, stepparents and single parents.
  3. For healthy children who have special abilities, or to celebrate their true self. This book harnesses self-esteem, self-reliance and self-validation. It honors uniqueness in children as 2 characters are gifted with extra sensory traits, sensitivity and even astral projection. It celebrates each child as they are and invites them to come out of their shell, while expanding their views on family, and tapping into the unconditional love template found in Nature, animals and finding one’s tribe in this world.
  4. For adult children who are stuck in time due to unprocessed childhood trauma, Inner Child wounds. Early giveaways of inner child wounds include a deep yearning to have a child. We project on the outside the need to nurture our own inner child, which only serves as a band-aid and leads to raising children unconsciously. Adults carrying trauma from childhood often have: trust issues, emotional suppression, over-giving, overachieving or avoidant and pessimistic personalities, codependency, poor boundaries, sacrificing the true self to gain approval from others (confused for love), because of their upbringing. An Inner child healing tool for adults who have embarked on the journey of either conscious parenting or healing their own selves.
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