A Rhyming Story about Hope and Embracing Diversities

Past, Present and Future Series

Go on an amazing adventure with Mya the Mermaid, as she takes you on a voyage across the open seas, to new and exciting countries!

After longing to be able to run and play with other children, and to make new friends along the way, Mya is given a magical gift to realize her dreams.

A fun book of rhyme that inspires kids to embrace diversities, and spreads kindness wherever they go. A book suitable for toddlers to 8 years olds.

  • Introduces children to famous landmarks and countries around the world
  • Instils respect for different customs and nurtures cultural appreciation for human diversity
  • through the different places Mya traveled to, and through exposure to traditional costumes

Past, Present and Future Series

  • Book 1, Mya The Mermaid
  • Book 2, Ayden The Astronaut (A Book about Loving Earth and its Animals)
  • Book 3, Kayne The Knight, Releasing end of 2019
  • Book 4, Ryan The Racer, Releasing end of 2019


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