Darius is fourteen when his world is turned upside down. The peace of a cool autumn afternoon is broken, as barbarians invade his remote village. The raiders capture or kill everyone, leaving only Darius behind. Alone and afraid, he resolves to do what he can to save his mother.The road north is fraught with danger and tragedy. Darius will soon find that if he is going to be successful, he must have allies.

Darius's journey takes him years and hundreds of miles across unfamiliar land. He endures struggles, forms friendships that he previously could not have imagined, and discovers that there may be more sinister forces at work than just a random marauder raid on a small fishing village.

A personal message from the author:

Writing has been my creative outlet for as long as I can remember. I received a lot of encouragement from teachers growing up. During college I toyed with the idea of becoming a novelist and finished the first draft of a novel just after college. More recently I decided that writing was a passion I wanted to embrace more seriously and began joining writers groups, attending conferences, and seeking the advice of other authors. Writing Nasu Rabi (Old Bear) has been a very rewarding experience and its something I plan to continue.

— D.L. Roley

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