August 1991. Soviet hardliner Pavel Medvedev knows that only bloodshed can save the USSR from complete collapse. With violence breaking out in the streets of Moscow, few realize that he is piloting the Soviet Union on a collision course with its deadliest enemy yet: NATO. US Marine Colonel Robert Buckner, passed over for a coveted command, takes a post working for Vice Admiral Falkner on his way to retirement. As the world lurching towards World War III, he finds his way towards a panoramic view of the unfolding crisis with a pivotal role to play. War breaks out across the globe, but the pin falls in the far north, where soldiers and civilians alike must battle not just the enemy, but the unforgiving elements. With arsenals of high-tech weapons loosed in both directions, the ultimate reward may not be victory. but survival. H-Hour is the first book of the Northern Fury series, which tells the alternate history of World War III's northern front through the eyes of those who lived it.


Read online Northern Fure: H-Hour by Bart Gauvin and Joel Radunzel

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