Patronel and Soriela is a book for children aged 9-12 years and older. It is a fantasy book meant to enrich childhood. Like the heroes in our beloved stories who rise from the ashes, from helplessness, from being defeated by life and other malicious people, Patronel passes through all the difficulties to become stronger than he was.

It is a book to inspire courage and determination. When you have a dream, nothing is impossible. When you are determined to fight and overcome all the obstacles nothing can get in your way, and nothing can stop you.
In a world with no rules, Patronel is a young, honest man, who fights for what he believes in, is intelligent, is courageous, and is determined. He is wise, kind, loving, sociable, fair, and kind to people. He is sought after by many businessmen for his advice.

From the moment that The Wizard turns Patronel into a toad, he becomes helpless. He can no longer communicate with anyone but frogs because none of his words are understood by humans.
Were Patronel an ordinary man, he would have given up, wouldn’t he have? How can he convey a cry for help to people when he does not speak the human language anymore? How to get close to them, in his frog body? How can he be sure the humans he approached would not squash him, out of fear or repulsion?

But Patronel is not an ordinary man, much less an ordinary frog. He never gives up. He is determined to face every obstacle and to triumph, no matter what or how long it takes.

Patronel, moreover, is not alone. Soriela is a young employee of his factory, secretly in love with him. Although she tried to warn him about the three men’s plot against him, he didn’t believe her, and she failed to save him from becoming a frog. But her love gives him strength and is a fuel to keep him focused on the path forward.

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