Peaks of Power

Ryan and Dimitri thought the tournament just had to be the easy part, right? But now Ryan and crew are dealing with an internal power struggle. Their inability to mesh as a team is costing them time and threatening to give Omega an even greater advantage. To top it off Dimitri’s horrible jokes, don't seem to have any kind of stoppage in sight.
Omega’s reign of terror is virulently spreading, threatening to end everyone's freedom, their expression, and even their lives. His minions are corrupting every inch of influence throughout Paradose, and everyone sees the darkening horizons in Omega's lands as a dire omen. Omega's forces are growing, swaying the populace, and gaining him a fanatical following.

When weighing their power against Omega's and the daunting task that lays ahead of them, they find themselves lacking. If the tournament showed one thing, it was that Ryan and Dimitri weren’t nearly strong enough, physically or mentally, to take this kind of weight on their shoulders. However, there is still hope in the form of their team, who’s strength isn’t in one, but all, and Ryan and Dimitri were never the type to lay down. But knowing Alpha, all of their plans might implode and take everyone to hell with them.

Will there be enough time to get their act together with Omega's acolytes terrorizing the lands? And if they can defeat omega and save everyone; what sacrifices will need to be made?


Read online Peaks of Power: God Hand by Paul Campbell Jr.

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