Plant Based Beast Book 1

Your Complete Guide to Bodybuilding on a Plant-Based Diet

Founded in 2022, the Plant-Based Beast is on a mission to help other gym goers eat more responsibly without sacrificing their athletic and physique goals. By utilizing the knowledge of elite plant-based athletes and world-class plant-based chefs, we've unraveled the true power behind meat-free diets and simplified them, making them easy to integrate into a busy and active lifestyle. By placing innovation, integrity and an ardent desire for continual self improvement (what got us all in the gym in the first place!) at the centre of everything we do, we aim to impact as many people around the globe with healthier, happier lifestyles!

What You Can Expect By Following Our Plant-Based Health Book..

  • Weight Loss which often helps team sport and endurance athletes find that extra yard
  • Easier Digestion to feel comfortable when working out and optimize sleep
  • Faster Recovery so you can be back in the gym as quickly as possible without nagging DOMS
  • Increased Energy Levels to help athletic performance but also your day-to-day activities
  • Reduced Impact on the planet

In this plant-based bodybuilders guide, you'll be given easily actionable steps to take control of your physique and physicality through clean, vitamin-filled nutrition without consuming any meat. The carefully curated plant-based diet made clear in our guide to vegan training and nutrition offers a competitive edge through enhanced recovery times, injury prevention, deeper and more restorative sleep, reduced inflammation and joint pain, the list goes on and on. Experience the life-changing benefits for yourself and start creating your own high-protein plant based lifestyle today!

Eat responsibly, gain muscle and boost athletic performance like a Plant-Based Beast!

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