Introducing Project Aiden: The Bookstronaut, the perfect book for kids aged 8-12!

Aiden has the power to travel into the books he reads and change the outcome of the story.

Join Aiden on a thrilling adventure through the pages of his books as he works to set each story right, and make sure the book has a happy ending! With every turn of the page, your child will embark on an exciting journey filled with mermaidsfairies, and even a mystery character!

But this isn't just any ordinary book. Project Aiden: The Bookstronaut is designed to inspire young readers to unleash their imaginations and explore the limitless possibilities of reading. With each chapter, your child will develop critical thinking skills and learn the importance of perseveranceteamwork, and problem-solving. And, it has large print for kids with dylexia!

We understand that as a parent, you want to provide your child with the best opportunities to learn and grow. That's why Project Aiden: The Bookstronaut is the perfect choice!

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