A Heart-warming Tale of Kindness and Friendship

Book of Psalms for Kids Book 1

Psalm 1 Living Right is an enchanting story that will touch the hearts of readers young and old. This is an anti-bullying book teaching kids to be kind and compassionate.

Journey of Compassion:

Discover the story of Sofia, a 6-year-old, as she discovers the profound essence of compassion. Join her in facing challenges, spreading kindness, and embracing empathy in this touching narrative. A tale that will inspire both young minds and adults to appreciate the beauty of compassion in our lives.

Empowering Kindness: Sofia's Journey against Bullying: Experience Sofia's courageous journey as she takes a stand against bullying and embraces the power of kindness. Follow this 6-year-old's inspiring path towards compassion, spreading empathy to touch hearts both young and old. A heart-warming tale that reminds us all of the significance of standing up against negativity and embracing acts of kindness in our lives.

Heart-warming Friendship: Embracing Joy through Giving Back:

Immerse yourself in the profound power of genuine friendship, discovering the unparalleled joy of giving back to those in need. Witness the transformative impact of compassion as hearts are touched and lives are uplifted. This touching narrative embraces the essence of selflessness, inspiring both young and old to embrace acts of kindness and make a difference in the lives of others.

Enchanting Park Adventure: Unveiling Life's Priceless Lessons:
Join Sofia and her friends as they explore the joys of friendship, compassion, and self-discovery amidst the laughter and excitement at the park. This touching narrative beautifully captures the essence of meaningful experiences, inspiring readers of all ages to cherish the valuable lessons that enrich our lives. Get ready for a delightful journey that will warm your heart and leave a lasting impression.

Beyond Possessions: Embracing True Friendship in Psalm 1 Living Right:

Discover the essence of true friendship, transcending material possessions in Psalm 1 Living Right. Be an inspiration to young hearts with its powerful message of compassion and kindness. This touching narrative touches both kids and adults, unveiling the art of empathy and love, encouraging us all to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Experience the joy of genuine connections and heartfelt acts of kindness, as Sofia's journey unfolds with valuable life lessons.

Embark on a heart-warming adventure with Psalm 1 Living Right, a captivating tale that weaves kindness, friendship, and compassion into an inspiring story. Meet Sofia, a young girl raised in a wealthy home, blessed with abundance but grounded in the teachings of the Bible. As she awaits her friends' arrival, she contemplates the stark contrast between her privileged life and the struggles of the less fortunate in her neighborhood.

Guided by her parents' lessons, Sofia confronts the unkind behavior of her friends towards those in need, leading to a transformational moment at the park. Encouraged by Psalms 1:1, Sofia bravely stands up for what is right, showing her friends the true value of empathy and love.

Witness how Sofia's act of kindness ignites a change in her friends' hearts, as they learn the power of compassion and selflessness. Together, they embark on a journey of giving back to their community, spreading the love of Christ to those less privileged.


Excerpt from Psalm 1 Living Right © Copyright 2023 MJT Flores and Nagham Shamoun

Sofia was a 6-year-old girl who lived with her parents, Reverend and Mrs. Gary, and her nanny, Karen. Her parents were wealthy, so they always provided her with everything she desired. They gave her lots of toys, clothes, and shoes of every kind. As blessed as she was, her parents constantly taught her the Bible and how to pray. They also taught her how to be kind and empathetic toward others—especially those who did not have as much as she did. So, she was intentional about showing compassion to the less privileged.

As Sofia eagerly awaited her friends' arrival, she couldn't help but think about the difference between her life and the lives of those less fortunate children in her neighborhood. She wondered if they had enough food to eat or clothes to wear. Then, she thought to herself, “Someday, I’ll ask Mom if I could share some of my toys and clothes with the poor, and I hope she agrees.”

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