In a way, books have the whole world inside them. They help us discover many things and issues that are happening, some of which we are unknowingly victims of. If you have read Schweizer's book ‘Red-Handed‘, you may have better understanding in the current fronts between China and the US. If not, you need to check out our list of takeaways from the book.

We also collected five books that may give further background or connected somehow to the book “Red-Handed”, what is happening behind the curtains.

6 Red-Handed Takeaways

  • 01. Both Democrats and Republicans influenced by China's money
  • 02. The “elite” has also financially benefited from the engagement with CCP
  • 03. Schweizer advises to bann lobbying to companies connected PLA and China's military intelligence services and also bann them from the US stock exchange
  • 04. Schweizer states that China intend to be the dominant economy by 2050
  • 05. Big tech companies (Facebook, Google, Tesla) in the Silicon Valley sacrificed their users' privacy (and data) favoring China
  • 06. China's strategy isn't to go head to head with the US but to coop with the “elites” and with the decision makers (like big tech companies) in order to “cut off” the head of the country

Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, by Peter Schweizer

When the ruling government elites become super wealthy after intimate relationships with hostile foreign elements, where or who do you turn to? This is the big problem Red-Handed exposes by detailing an investigation of the American elite society's unethical ties with China. This society comprises presidential families, professional athletes, Wall Street high rollers, and more.

The book puts across that the governed are being deceived by the government, the private industry, the media, and everybody involved in selling money and power. The elites are enthusiastic about helping China pursue global domination for personal enrichment while sacrificing American strength.

Peter reveals the secret dealings cut in assisting China to build its forces of power- the military, technology, and economy. The astonishing part is that these elites believe and trust that China’s dictatorial regime is more powerful than the American democracy.

5 Titles Connecting to Red-Handed book

The Enemy Within, by David Horowitz

This is a book for every patriot out there who understands that America is fighting for its life. It is on the brink of being a one-party dictatorship. David reveals how a questionable election, illegal and silenced impeaching of the president, mob violence, America’s First Amendment hanging by a thread, and an attacked national heritage came about.

He courageously highlights the aims and tactics used by those in political power to progress national crises. You will find details about the Left’s Coronavirus political exploitation, their association in the 2020 summer riots, and their welcoming of the Critical Race Theory and Cultural Marxism.

There are also details on how hostile ideologies infiltrate education systems, institutions, and American freedom. Through this book, David gives readers a spot-on assessment of the American threat and an escape route that people can use with the time they have.

American Marxism, by Mark R. Levin

 American Marxism is a red-handed book that paints how the pivotal elements of the Marxist ideology now permeate American culture and society. They are evident in schools, the media, and the country’s significant corporations. They also exist in the Democratic Party, Hollywood, and the current Biden rule.

The present governance is often cloaked in labels meant to deceive the citizens, such as democratic socialism, social activism, progressivism, and more. Mark trenchantly illustrates the psychology and methods used by such movements, how students are brainwashed, the increased repression scope, the anti-American intentions of Critical Race Theory and the Green New Deal, and more.

He also exposes the parties involved in leading this revolution, such as activists, intellectualists, institutions, and scholars. However, he also gives solutions and ideas about confronting them. According to Mark, Americans must defend their liberty.

Stealing America, by Dinesh D’Souza

Stealing America depicts the similarity and commonality between America’s criminals and the Democratic Party. Dinesh, previously detained with the most brutal criminals, rapists, killers, drug dealers, robbers, and gangbangers gives the details. He accounts for how this experience transformed his life and significantly changed his perception of America through this book.

Previously he saw America as a fair and just country and was always grateful for his chance to be an immigrant there. But, his exposure also provided an eye-opener about the American realities. As per the criminals, the country is anything but just and fair. Instead, it is a country where armed gangs go against each other, with the most powerful of them inhabiting America’s federal government.

With that, the country is becoming less exceptional as each day passes. Like any other corrupt and gang-run country, it is in danger, with American liberalism being a series of scams to rob American wealth.

RedHanded, by Suruthi Bala

We have always heard the phrase, “is a killer born or made?” but this book explores this phrase using real-life and actual crime scenes with an interesting perspective.

What is it about dangerous people like killers, cannibals, and cults that grabs our attention and imagination even as we are terrified of them? Could it be that their stories are equally compelling as they derive fear because they hold up and mirror societal failings? Or is it because they hold up the human horror capabilities?

The book rejects the narrative we have always known that killers are monstrous and that a victim was at the wrong location at the wrong time. Rather, it dissects killer stories through a point of view that challenges our perceptions. It asks tough questions about gender, society, cultural affiliations, poverty, and politics by highlighting different things that may drive extreme human behavior with due diligence.

The Dying Citizen, by Victor Davis Hanson

 The Dying Citizen explains the declining and formerly cherished idea of being an American citizen. The history of humanity is packed with stories about different subjects, tribes, and peasants. However, the “citizen” concept is historically rare. It was top among the highly valued America’s ideals for more than two centuries, but now it may soon vanish. The book outlines the historical drivers of this crisis.

Over the last fifty years, middle-class deprivation has caused many Americans to depend on the federal government. The idea of open borders has also led to the undermining of allegiance to a specific place. With identity politics, the shared civic sense of self has also been eradicated, and the top-heavy administration continues to endanger personal liberty alongside formal efforts to languish the Constitution.

All these factors may have ripped off Americans' pride regarding the future. But, there is still a choice and chance for recovery and rebuilding.


The core Red-Handed takeaways show that China is indeed confronting the US nation in many direct or non direct ways. It's clear that China is governed by ideas, that are distant from the land of freedom.

Red-handed book are eye-openers that shed light on the unimaginable. They stimulate imagination, give knowledge, depict a different perspective, and foster curiosity. With our list of red-handed book list we feel you will be helped to see the right path, especially if you are a victim in one way or another.

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