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A message from the author:

Do you feel like drowning inside? Do you feel that you no longer know yourself? Does it feel like life always knocks you down every time you try to get back up? I've felt that way too. Misery was my companion until I felt that there must be more to life!

Did I heal myself with no help? Definitely not. I got tons of help and there were people and seminars that carried me through. And so after that phase, I wrote Remember Who You Really Are. My mission in writing this book is to help people who feel lost and are seeking for light in life.

I hope that this book will help you as you grow through the challenges that you're going through.
Life is beautiful.

Love ♥

— Joan Mae Soco

Joan Mae Soco's debut book Remember Who You Really Are will walk you through twelve questions that may help you face the life questions which seem to be always at the backseat of your mind but are decisive of the quality of your life. These questions designed for deep introspection also helped Joan Mae grow through the darkest times of her life. Taking inspiration from seminars like Ike Pono and Mission Courage, this book will be your good companion for achieving your personal goals, relationships, health, and spirituality.

Remember Who You Really Are will help you:

  • To know your true self despite your past, your circumstances, and judgments
  • To embrace the high and low rhythms of life
  • To welcome criticisms and be able to work with it
  • To assess objectively and compassionately your strengths and your flaws
  •  To stay anchored to the Divine and to things that truly matter.

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