The Plain and Simple Way to Manifest Your Dream Life

Do you want to manifest the good things in life? In this unbelievable book, you will discover how Austin Wintergreen manifested his lovely wife of 13 years just one week after he made a vow of “bachelorhood for life.”

Do you want money to flow into your life? In this fascinating read with plenty of real-world examples, you will discover how Austin found his beautiful dream home and paid nearly 45% below market value.

Do you want to find a new career? Austin dedicated three weeks manifesting his dream job in which he didn’t have to look for or even apply for. It just found him!

In this book, you will discover…

  • How thinking of the “worst-case-scenario” added an extra $25,000 in a real estate transaction
  • The power of the “I Don’t Give a Shit” attitude and how it will skyrocket your success
  • Why “Beginner’s Luck” is not what you think it is, and how you can use it to manifest great fortunes

Manifesting your desires should be effortless—without meaningless rituals and overthinking. It should be easy. Snuggle up to this astonishing book so you can manifest your life the way you want it!


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