A Shifter and Human Love Story

This story is a thrilling, action-packed tale of complicated feelings and incredible danger, where Emily Lockhart finds herself entangled in the supernatural world after falling for the most popular guy on campus–Alex Connor–whose secret identity is a werewolf.

Alex Connor is the most popular guy on campus, and yet also the most mysterious. Emily has never had reason to care about him and his mysteries, but when strange things begin to happen, starting with mysterious deaths, all of which seemed to be connected to Alex, it becomes much harder to ignore him.

As Emily delves deeper into his world, she uncovers a secret that will change her life forever–Alex Connor is a werewolf, and he’s not the only one. As Emily navigates her feelings for Alex and the strangeness of his world, she must also contend with the dangers that come with it, dangers in the form of a rival pack that wants Alex along with everyone he cares about dead–the problem for Emily is that that now includes her.

With a target on her back and her life flipped upside down, Emily has decisions to make. Is Alex Connor worth all of the trouble he brings? Can she accept the world she’s unintentionally become a part of, or will she herself lose everything she holds dear in the process?

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Excerpt from She's Dating A Werewolf © Copyright 2023 Veronica Cullen

Brian was livid when Emily told him.

“The night?” he repeated, his eyes filled with anger. “Emily, you’re joking, right? Please tell me you’re joking. Please tell me there’s no way that Alex Connor came into your home and you let him spend the night. How many red flags does he need to wave in your face before you decide that he’s not worth the trouble?”

“He’s not who you think he is, Brian,” Emily said defensively, glancing up from her laptop–she wasn’t really doing anything on it, it was just there so she wouldn’t have to maintain eye contact with Brian the entire time he was mad at her.

“Oh, let me guess, you know exactly the kind of guy he is now?” Brian said, snorting derisively. “I bet he’s actually incredibly nice, maybe he’s got a bit of a sad past…something that draws you in. Emily, that’s standard serial killer basics, I’ve watched enough Netflix shows to know that.”

“If he was a serial killer, I’d be dead already, Brian.”

“Maybe he wants you to lower your guard,” Brian pointed out. “Maybe he enjoys the kill more that way.”

“You really need to go out more.”

“That’s rich, coming from you,” Brian snorted, rolling the sleeves of his shirt up a little. Emily noticed then that he was getting a little hairy. She glanced at him and noticed for the first time a stubble that had started on the lower half of his face.


“What’s that?” Brian arched one eyebrow over the other.

“Nothing,” Emily replied and smiled. “It’s just…never mind. Look, about Alex, he’s not a danger to me or you and if you’d give the guy a chance and actually talk to him instead of throwing these conspiracy theories around then you’d actually see it. He saved my life in the forest, Brian.”

“Have you considered that it was only because of him your life needed saving to begin with?” Brian asked. “Maybe we’d have been completely fine if he and his weird friends hadn’t turned up and stirred up trouble. You certainly wouldn’t have run into the woods if it weren’t for him. He’s trouble, Emily, and I don’t know how many more times I can say it to get you to see it.”

“You say it like it’s his fault there was a wolf running around,” Emily scoffed. “It feels like, for some weird reason, you want me to hate him. You’re not even giving him a fair chance, it’s like you’ve already made up your mind about him.”

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