Philosophical sci-fi books make you question your assumptions about the world and your place in it. They challenge your perceptions of reality and force you to think about the big questions in new and innovative ways.

Some things that come to mind when you think about science fiction are aliens, spaceships, lasers, warp drives, robots, or space battles. But science fiction has also become a conduit for authors to address issues about spirituality- religion, faith, destiny, purpose, and what exactly being human means.

Science fiction scope, plot, and setting make it easier to explore different spiritual themes and often by exploring the human spirit amid challenging situations. If you are passionate about philosophy, spirituality, and science-fiction, here’s my list of spiritual, philosophical sci-fi books to broaden your mind.

How do we selected the books?

What Spirituality Means to Us?

Spirituality is not just about religion. It is about finding a connection to something greater than ourselves. It is about discovering our own personal belief system and living in accordance with it.

You know the feeling when your heart whispers that something is true, but you have no chance to prove it to others.

For some people, spirituality is simply about connecting with nature. They find a sense of peace and calm in the wilderness and see the natural world as a representation of the divine. This is also the basis of Avatar movies. Others find spirituality in their religion. They believe that we are all connected to a higher entity who guides us in our lives.

No matter what form it takes, spirituality should be a deep, meaningful part of our lives. It can provide us with a sense of purpose and help us to make sense of the world around us. Spirituality can be a source of strength in times of trouble and a source of comfort in times of sorrow. It fuels our curiosity about the world we can and what we can't see with our own eyes.

What Philosophical Means to Us?

For many people, the word “philosophy” brings to mind a stuffy, old man in a tweed jacket pontificating about the meaning of life. But philosophy is so much more than that – it’s the love of wisdom. It’s about trying to understand the world around us and our place in it – this way it's closely connected to spirituality. It’s a way of thinking that is both critical and creative.

Philosophy helps us to think critically about big questions like “What is reality?” and “What is the good life?” It forces us to examine our assumptions and question why we believe what we do. It also helps us to see things from different perspectives and to think creatively about solutions to problems.

In short, philosophy helps us to make sense of our lives and the world around us.

To give you different points of view and insights, I have selected the following sci-fi book list to include either important philosophical or spiritual questions.

What Is Our Selection of Spiritual and Philosophical Sci-fi Books?

The Gods Are Not Dead, by Abhaidev (2022)

The Gods Are Not Dead is a book that will challenge your beliefs immensely.

What would you do if you knew nothing could destroy or stop you? This is the story of Shaurya. He has lived a comfortably mundane life until he learns about his new abilities. This aleatory power, however, makes him wander and become restless. He doesn’t know how to utilize his strengths for himself or humanity. When he meets Megha, who is shrewd and mysterious, he gets the intense spurt he needs.

Shaurya desires to serve, but he will encounter a rough path. Only Megha can help him out. She directs and performs, and the two excellently complement each other. They have a big vision and a precipitous path but are ready to give their all. For them, it might be God’s will or not, but one thing remains he is not dead and never will be.

This philosophical science fiction book will take you to a different thought process and amplify your curiosity as you witness the turn of events. I was impressed by how Abhaidev perfectly fuses spirituality, thrill, and entertainment throughout the book. You will not want to put it down or even pause.


Conjunction (The Wise Society Book 1), by A.D. Zoltan and Steven N. Nagy (2022)

This book combines modern science fiction with profound spiritual insights. It will lead you into the deepest secrets of society and the human psyche.

It is 2610, and the Earth is under significant challenges. Erin, who is exceptionally intelligent, outwits an influential power broker, resulting in the reordering of human society. In 3200, Central Intelligent System (CSI), a collective AI, helps humanity to remake the solar system to its influence. All this is thanks to Erin’s success.

After the discovery of an intergalactic travel method, humankind launches a mission to elevate civilization to the subsequent development level. Keat, who is part of the selected travelers, uses the mission to redirect human civilization.

This is a story of civilization and spirituality in which substance is not the ultimate limit. Conjunction is a thought-provoking and ambitious read that will make you think about how enlightenment can impact life, society, and humanity.


A Prayer for the Crown-Shy, by Becky Chambers (2022)

Sibling Dex, a monk, and Mossca, a robot, are on a quest to ascertain what humanity really needs. They are done touring Panga’s rural areas, and their focus and attention are now on the cities and villages of the little moon- their home. They hope to get answers, make new friends, learn new concepts, and experience the universe’s entropic nature.

The main question you will ask as you read along is whether having more matters when people have whatever they want. I love that this is a story of love and kindness, and it will appeal to you more deeply if you experience spirituality from serving, helping, or learning from others.

I found the style, storyline, and narrative to be delightfully innocent. I love how Becky sends different and essential messages with wit to ensure they do not overwhelm the story. The idea of sci-fi and that humanity may fix its ways is indeed warm and welcoming.


The Unsuspected Heroes, by Alex Marcoux (2020)

The Unsuspected Heroes is a book that will lead you into spiritual awakening/ evolution and remind you that the world needs you. It reveals deep sensitivity and various resonant themes. I love how actual events inspire the book to perfectly present metaphysical and visionary fiction.

This is the story of Ami. She is an ascended master meant to lead humanity to ascension. But, following her pain, she escapes, forgetting who she is. She later remembers after the walls crush. The problem is that she is autistic and unable to speak. Earth will be doomed again if she cannot link up with others across the globe. Time is rushing. But can Ami and her allies save humanity from destruction? Who will end the looming apocalypse and guide humankind to the New Earth if that doesn't happen?

This book has brilliant insights and is an excellent means to open up to new perspectives about true-to-life autism. You only have to read it with an open mind and heart.


Our Lady of the Artilects, by Andrew Gillsmith (2022)

Get ready to dive into a journey of questioning and challenging faith, consciousness, and artificial intelligence.

Artilects are second-generation androids, and in this book, they start to report a strange apocalyptic vision. They are the only ones that can see it, and world leaders think it is a hack or hoax. However, when an African wealthy man’s Artilect shows up claiming to be possessed, the stakes rise. The Vatican sends Father Gabriel, who is a former neuroscientist and exorcist, to investigate. Gabriel, however, finds himself in a global conspiracy and a potential supernatural dimension.

Meanwhile, Rome is about to reconcile with China after a fifty-year cold war regarding economic interests. The Chinese are also very sensitive about Apparition. To save humanity and the Artilects, Gabriel enlists as an aid to Namono Mbabu, an imperial Praetor.

This philosophical sci-fi book deals with religion head-on but not in a way to force anyone into conversion. It integrates the spiritual realm positively with sci-fi and depicts abhorrent behavior from fanatics to give a compelling exploration of how science and religion boundaries overlap.


Promise Road, by John Baxter King (2020)

This book is ideal if you have witnessed anyone get into a battle for power or control due to spiritual awakening.

Promise Road follows the story of Americans who are struggling to survive after World War Three. They have been living in an informal refugee camp, but it is now a dangerous place to live. Internal conflict has torn the entire country, and battles for power and control are on the rise.

Six women and men embark on a dangerous journey across the US to seek security and safety. They have violent, confronting, and unfortunate encounters; not everyone will survive.

John has developed different aspects of spirituality in this book and has made the characters come alive. You will resonate with many of their moves and actions as you learn profound lessons on spirituality. This book will remind you to stay focused on your spirituality despite what you may encounter or undergo.


Holy Sci-Fi, by Paul J. Nahin (2014)

Holy Sci-Fi is a book for anyone interested in religion and science fiction and how both aspects influence or impact one another. The book focuses on addressing questions such as; whether science and religion are mutually exclusive, if computers can have souls, and whether free will is real. These are some questions philosophers, religious leaders, sci-fi writers, and scientists have pondered.

Paul explores the fertility and sometimes uneasy affiliation between religion and science fiction. His scope spans religion, history, literature, and philosophy.

This book will take you on an intriguing journey that will broaden your mind and spirituality. I love how it continues to answer the questions and give a new perspective on how sci-fi informs humanity’s attitudes regarding faith and the future.


I, Kosmos, by Jeff Carreira (2022)

Spiritual awakening is often about discovering inner greatness you didn’t know you had as an ordinary person. This is the message this book echoes through Brian’s story. He faces extraordinary circumstances which keep happening.

Strange things occur to Brian, making him realize that everything is about to turn upside down. He then meets Sage and Destiny, homeless and living on Philadelphia streets. They are not who they appear to be.

Brian will learn that e-Ternity, an updated spiritual app, is destroying higher human potential. The three must join forces to save the world's souls, face an old nemesis, and risk leaping at the opportunity of cosmic awareness.

I love how this book contains profound teachings about societal and individual behavior/attitudes through each page’s transmission. Through it, you will experience intriguing possibilities in multiple dimensions to embark on a journey of transformation for your own sake and that of others.


Final Thoughts on Philosophical and Spiritual Sci-fi Books

Science fiction may seem like a genre for readers who want to be part of big space battles. However, underneath it lies deeper spiritual meaning. Get your hands on our spiritual science fiction books recommended above if you want to familiarize yourself with the theme and get a different lens of humanity, identity, belief, and faith.

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