High school girl trio a former cram school teacher who raised the deviation value from 29 to 62 in 2 years thinks

With the theme of university entrance exams such as Billigal and recently Dragon Zakura,
Manga and dramas that children with low deviations study and receive at difficult universities and the University of Tokyo are popular.

I am a sophomore in high school and have two high school girls as cram school teachers.
All three started with a deviation value of 29 and only red points, but from there they worked hard to break through the deviation value of 60 and
I have seen students who pass the national and public universities up close.
I thought it was the original Billigal.

Also, from my own experience of going to a major prep school (Kawaijuku) as a ronin,
I also have the experience of experiencing the high level of teaching skills of the prep school and the joy of learning.
I think I was able to teach my students in the same way and get results.

From such various experiences, what kind of strategy and winning method are there to pass the university entrance exam?
In addition, I wanted to keep in mind what kind of students would be accepted, so I decided to write.

The opportunity for the students and their parents who read this book to clear the barrier of university entrance exams
I hope it will be even a little.

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